Hello Again…

The groundhog must have heard me talking, and since he and Mother Nature area obviously good friends, he arranged for a change in the weather. After two of the most beautiful days EVER, we woke up Monday morning to this…

Wait... What?!

Wait… What?!

One of the things I love most about this area is that when it snows it is absolutely beautiful, but that snow does not feel the need to stick around for months. By the afternoon, the sun was shining, making yet another amazing day.


So while I did enjoy the snow, I would still like to issue an official apology to the groundhog. You were right. It is, in fact, still winter after all…


Snow! We woke up this morning to an absolutely beautiful day. It snowed during the night, giving us a few fresh inches, and today the sun was absolutely gorgeous. The combination made for an amazing winter day. It was especially nice that the kids did not have school and the park was closed, so we were free to enjoy the snow all day!





Walking in Winter

It was absolutely beautiful out today! Amazing sunshine, calm winds, temps above freezing (finally!) Charbie and I decided it was a perfect day to go for a walk. We walked the half mile to Montana and then went up the trail to the Bodmer Overlook.

The trail was still snow covered, but except for the drifted areas, it was pretty easy going. Apparently nobody else has been out hiking lately either. There were no other prints on the trail except for deer, pheasant, and coyote.

From the house, Bodmer Overlook is only about five miles round trip, but it felt oh, so good to be out there today. The next few days are supposed to be warm as well, so Charbie and I are looking forward to more walks. I think tomorrow we will head down to the river.

Snow, South Carolina Style

Coming from an area that always gets too much snow, it has been somewhat strange not having any snow at all. South Carolina must have known that the kids were missing at least a little bit of the fluffy white stuff, because she shared some with us. It didn’t last long, but it stuck around long enough for the kids to make a few balls for a snowman that was never quite put together. And halfway through their snowball fight the snow was mostly all gone, so they had to resort to pinecones. And an occasional deer poop or two.

Throw in a nature trail, a peaceful lake, a playground and a crane, and it made for a near perfect day.