Can we keep him?

I am so that glad my kids are not afraid to touch things. They stick their hands into dark, damp holes and don’t even think twice about it. I admire this about them. Their courage, their bravery. Or perhaps it falls more along the lines of craziness and insanity? I am not exactly sure, but must they bring home everything they find?

DSC_0309 lizard

I have gotten used to the various lizards, some living and some not so much. I am not sure how they manage to find some of the little guys, but they do have a talent for it. I guess they get tired of lizards after a while and feel the need to mix it up a little. I am not sure if I should be grateful for this or not, but it doesn’t seem to matter one way or another. They bring home their new “friends” regardless.

DSC_0815 critter

Isn’t he just adorable? All right, maybe adorable isn’t quite the right word here. I turned down multiple offers to pet him, and instead encouraged the kids to take him on home, to his home, that is. I am sure his mama was missing him.

DSC_0356 turtle

And then there was the turtle, which Nathan found just this afternoon. Unfortunately, this little guy must have had a rough winter, because he was dead. Learning this made Natie cry because he loves turtles so much. But he did what any turtle-lover would do, he buried him. And after a short service, he went off in search of a live one.

DSC_0360 turtle

I am sure that if he does not find another turtle, he will find something else worthy of bringing home. Another toad perhaps, or some more caterpillars, another bird or a baby bunny. And when the kids arrive home with their new-found friend, they will ask the age-old question:

“Can we keep him?”

Three Forks, Montana

It was supposed to be cold and rainy, but with a couple of days off, it was hard not to go anywhere. So we fueled up Waldo and ventured South to Three Forks, MT. There, we camped at Missouri Headwaters State Park.

I was very excited when we arrived because we were warned that there was a mama moose and her baby in the area, so to be careful when we were out on the trails. I have a not-so-secret love affair with moosies, and I was anxious to track them down.

The weather wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been, so we spent a lot of time outside. The kids and I rode our bikes the five miles into Three Forks in search of the Wheat Montana bakery. We had planned on picking up some fresh cinnamon rolls for breakfast in order to surprise Rob when he came back from fishing, but as it turned out, the bakery was another three miles up the freeway and we weren’t up for riding there. So, we had hot chocolate and cereal in a gas station and took home a box of stale donuts. Three hours later, we arrived back at camp. I was surprised Rob hadn’t called Search and Rescue yet, considering how easily I get lost (which was part of the reason it took us so long.)

Rob took the boys fly-fishing a few times while Catheryn and I searched for the elusive moose family. I found a swamp she was sure to love, not to mention we passed a few piles of moose scat on the trail, so we kept heading back, knowing that eventually we would have to run into her.

We hiked some trails to see the Jefferson, Madison and Gallatin Rivers from above, we roamed the coastline of the newly formed Missouri River in search of treasures. We watched pelicans from afar, we saw cranes and geese, ducks and lots of different little birds. There were fox prints and deer scat, a snake was even sunning herself on the rocks, although as cold as it was, I’m not sure just how warm she was getting.


We spent a lot of time around the campfire, eating yummy food, making sticky s’mores. The boys collected firewood while I painted Catheryn’s fingernails. The only thing missing was Bailey. He would have loved it there. 

Even Wiggy Wabbit was enjoying the fresh air, grass and sticks that the park had to offer.

It turned out to be a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Unfortunately we never came across the moose family, but I guess that means we will just have to go back.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wildlife

There is so much wildlife around that I had a hard time deciding which direction to go with this week’s assignment. I could have driven down the road a mile or two and found some pronghorn. The other direction would most likely have turned up some deer. Of course, there are always ducks, geese, ground squirrels and pheasants.

The possibilities were endless. In the end, though, I decided on the wildlife that lives across the hall. These are my favorite animals. They are wild, crazy and completely unpredictable. They are a rare species that can only be found in our neck of the woods. They are excessively loud and they smell a little funny. I am not completely sure, but I believe they are called… children.