We Did It!!

For what I believe to be the first time ever, we managed to have the whole house clean at the same time! As I posted previously, I cleaned the kids’ room out on Saturday. Then on Sunday, after cleaning out the turtle tank, I cleaned the bathroom and then moved to the front of the house. Our house may not be very big, but it sure can get messy. We had some motivation, though. If we were able to get everything stowed and road-ready, then we were going to pull Waldo out for fueling and a bath. After a long winter, we were itching to take him on the road. So, while I cleaned the inside of the house, Rob cleaned and organized our “basement.”

And, as the title today says, WE DID IT!!

I don’t mind cleaning so much when it happens in the “spring.”

Sqeaky Clean

Tis the Season…

… for spring cleaning! The kids normally clean their own room, but today it was my turn. It took me about half the day to get it all cleaned out. My kids are pack-rats, though I suppose most kids are. I was amazed at all the things I found in their little treasure boxes.

I always love how nice rooms look when they are organized. Unfortunately, this particular room is incredibly hard to keep that way.

Tomorrow I will clean out Flash’s tank, and then try to get the rest of the house cleaned up before their room falls apart. Hmm, the whole house neat and organized at the same time… Now that’s a nice though. 🙂