Concerts I Would Love to Share… If Only I Could

I must admit that I am a little bummed right now.  I am using a camera that refuses to take pictures while inside a building and for some reason, WordPress is not liking my videos and will therefore not load them.  And during this most wonderful time of the year, posting pictures and videos is a must. 

Catheryn had her big dance recital on Sunday and her “Chicken Pox for Christmas” number was to die for.  Twenty girls all about five years old tapping and singing along to the music is quite the sight.  I gave up on taking pictures and decided to record the number instead.  So you can imagine my disappointment when I learned I was unable to share that with you as well. 

Then today at school, the kids had their Holiday Concert.  Knowing full well that the camera would not cooperate, I once again decided to record a few numbers.  The kindergarten classes sang “A Silly Holiday Song” and they had the whole audience laughing.  When the first graders were up on stage, they entertained us with “My Red Sled” and “Snowpants.”  The songs themselves are great, but once you throw in the hand motions, you have a whole new show.

I would love to share the videos with you, but apparently it is just not possible.  But I am a pretty proud mama, so if you ever run into me on the street, feel free to ask me to see them.  I will most likely have them in my bag and will gladly show them to you.  Until then, you will just have to imagine the cutest kids you have ever seen, singing and dancing up on stage.    🙂