Hello Summer Vacation!!

It is hard to believe, but another school year has come and gone and it is time once again for summer vacation!


Today we attended Liam’s 6th grade graduation ceremony. I have been preparing myself for middle school for some time now, but it was still hard watching him ‘graduate’ from elementary school. Another phase of his childhood has come to an end…

Our 7th Grader!

Our 7th Grader!

All of the kids were out at noon today, and once the final bell rang, kids came squealing from all directions. I think even the teachers were doing little happy dances. I guess everyone was looking forward to three whole months of sleeping in!


Hello Summer!

Our oldest is now about to begin his middle school career while the twinnies are off to their final year of elementary school, but first… SUMMER VACATION!!! Let the fun begin!





Since we are going to be living here for at least a year, we had to make necessary changes in our residency status. North Dakota does not participate in the K12 program, so we had to consider other education options for the kids. After much discussion, we decided public school would be a good option for them. There were a lot of reasons for this decision, but the most important one is that the kids were really excited about it. It has been over two years since they have been in public school and I think they were looking forward to being in a classroom setting again. My hope is that after all of our travels, and the combination of homeschooling and public schooling, they will be well-rounded kids.

It was still pitch black out this morning when we walked them up to the bus stop for their first day of school. They are the first kids on the bus in the morning and they will be the last kids off in the afternoon, so the ride is a long one, but they were excited about it. Getting up at 5:30am will take some getting used to, though…

Today was also Rob’s first day as a permanent employee of the National Park Service! He had been looking forward to this for so long and I know he was excited that his start date had finally come. The staff here is amazing and I think he is really going to enjoy working here.

And since Rob and the kids were all gone today, it was my first day home all alone. It has been over 11 years since I have been by myself during the day. I have kept myself plenty busy and do not think ‘boredom’ will ever be a word in my vocabulary. I will say this, though, it is crazy quiet here without the kids home…

Rob will be home in a few minutes and then it will be time to meet the kids at the bus stop. I cannot wait to hear how all of their first days went.

Oh, and one more very important thing before I go…

Happy Birthday, Esther!! We love you!!!


Right before my very eyes…

Between working and schooling and keeping on top of everyday things, there is not a whole lot of time for blogging, which happens to be one of my very favorite things. So once again, I am offering pictures.

My children are growing up. Some days too fast. Some days not fast enough.

But growing. Always growing.

Right before my very eyes.


Welcome Summer Vacation

And just like that, the school year has come to an end.

We started our countdown chain when we had about 48 days left, and this morning we took the last link off. After 180 days of school, we have arrived at summer vacation. No more homework. No more lunch money. No more early morning wake-up calls. It’s simply summer. Time to play. Relax. Be.

As the kids and I were leaving school this afternoon, I thanked William’s teacher for putting up with him for the year. I laughed as she replied, “It was good, he really grew on me.”

End of the year teacher gifts

I have a lot of good memories from the school year. The kids have all grown so much, physically, emotionally, mentally. As I look at them, I see a whole world of possibility, and what a bright world it is.

Eventful Days

Tis the season for thunderstorms. Last night we were warned about damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes. After all the hype, we ended up with a lot of wind and very little rain. Tonight, however, the rain has decided to pay us a visit. A very, very, very long visit. The lightning is intense and some of the thunder has been extremely loud. But it has been raining for hours. Luckily the wind isn’t too bad, not for this area anyway. I fear that if the rain doesn’t back off soon we may have to take a boat to school tomorrow…

Other happenings…

We are working on our last week of school! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am about this. The school year has gone by reasonably fast, but for some reason it has been a long one. And very stressful. I think everyone is ready for a little down time.

With the end of the school year comes the talent show. William has decided to yo-yo with Jonathon, a friend from his class and Catheryn is going to sing a song with Julia, her best friend. I hope to be able to catch them both on video, but I still have to work, and since there is no set schedule, it will be hit or miss.

I have more I would like to share with you about school, but I will save that for later.

Tomorrow our house will celebrate a birthday, but you will have to wait until tomorrow for pictures and a story. 🙂

And finally, the kids and I are getting ready to head down to Boise on Friday. Unfortunately Rob is unable to make the trip with us, so the kids and I will venture  the ten hours to Grammy and Grampy’s house by ourselves. My sister and her three kids will also be there visiting, and we only see them once a year, so it should be a fun time.

I should probably head out, but first I will leave you with a picture from last night’s sky after the storm. I am not sure what it is about thunderstorms, but I find them to be somewhat… thrilling. And tonight we will fall asleep to the gentle roll of thunder, the occasional flash that lights up the whole house and the patter of rain on our little roof.