Refrigerator Makeover

With three kids in the house, our refrigerator is always covered with school information, birthday invitations, phone numbers and priceless art work. Our magnet collection is always hard at work trying to keep all these items securely in place. Take our magnetic surface away, and we have a pile of papers with no home. That is what happened when we bought our new house.

I had considered taping things to the surface of our non-metallic refrigerator, but Rob had a better solution.

I grabbed my paint brush and got to work. Three coats of primer are recommended. It is incredibly runny, so I spent the majority of my time wiping splatters off the floor.    

After three coats were applied, it was time to paint the surface. We decided on yellow since it is such a clean color, it also goes well with blue, which most of our house happens to be.

Our first color choice was a little too lemony, but after a couple of coats of a lighter shade, it was looking  pretty nice.

It didn’t take very long for the kids to start decorating it for us. The refrigerator is now covered with coloring pages and a Christmas countdown. Now that’s more like it.