Right before my very eyes…

Between working and schooling and keeping on top of everyday things, there is not a whole lot of time for blogging, which happens to be one of my very favorite things. So once again, I am offering pictures.

My children are growing up. Some days too fast. Some days not fast enough.

But growing. Always growing.

Right before my very eyes.


Moose Sighting

Apparently I took a couple of years off Rob’s life yesterday. It all started innocently enough…

We were driving home from Spokane, after having attended one of the most beautiful weddings ever, and were taking in the sights around Lake Coeur d’ Alene in Idaho. After the lake ends, it turns marshy for a little ways. Now, I should probably mention here that I looove moosies. I have been dying to see one forever (it has been about 10 years since our last sighting) and I always keep my eyes open when we are near prime moose habitat. No luck, though, they are always hiding from me.

Until yesterday, that is.

I wasn’t expecting to see a moose standing in the marsh off the side of the freeway. But I did. And I didn’t think I would overreact if I did see one. But I did that, too. I think I squealed and bounced and stomped. I even had tears in my eyes, I was so excited.   

Unfortunately, she was spotted at the bottom of a mountain pass, so we had to climb to the top before there was an exit to turn around and head back down. But when we made our way back to her, she was still standing there.


I jumped out, took some pictures, told her she was pretty, asked her if she wanted to come home with us, you know, all the things you are supposed to do when you finally (FINALLY!) spot a pretty little moosie. Apparently she wasn’t up for coming home with us, because she turned and headed away from me.


I have apologized profusely for scaring the be-jeebers out of Rob, and have promised to try not to do so for at least another 11 years. (Apparently there was a similar incident about 9 years ago when I spotted a Dairy Queen. I was pregnant with William at the time, so at least I had a good excuse.) Next time I spot something of interest, I am to calmly say, “Honey, will you please stop the car.” There are no guarantees, but I will try my best. 


But look, WE SAW A MOOSE!!! WE SAW A MOOSE!!! WE SAW A MOOSE!!! And what a pretty little girl she was. 🙂

River Reflections

Once again, we were unable to resist the urge to go for a little drive.  Everything in town was white and with the sun shining, it was looking to be a beautiful day, so we set out to see how things were along the river.

Normally when we head out during the day, we don’t see a lot of wildlife, but yesterday we saw a little bit of everything it seemed.  We came across deer, pronghorn, pheasants, grouse, eagles and geese, lots and lots of geese.  I am pretty sure the geese should be some place much warmer this time of year, but for some reason they are sticking around.

My main focus tends to be the animals, but yesterday I was caught up in how different the pictures looked in color versus black and white.  I have always enjoyed b&w photos because of their elegance, but when I put these particular photos side by side, I lean more towards the color.  Perhaps it is the contrast between the pure white snow and the pretty blue sky, but something about them reminds me how it felt to actually be there.


                                                                                                        It is amazing how two pictures that are almost identical can be so different.