Glorious Summer Days

Summer has finally arrived, and while most people are not liking the heat, I am soaking it up. The flowers are blooming, the sun is hot, pesky bugs are everywhere, Goslings are so numerous you wonder how their parents can tell them apart. I yearn for these things in the dead of winter. I become desperate for them.

I can’t bring myself to complain about summer, not when it is so long in coming, and so short-lived.

With a happy heart, I wandered through the flower garden while the kids chased a squirrel with reckless abandon, their laughter filling the air. I live for days like these. Days when you can put all your cares aside and simply enjoy that which is around you.

 Nature. Summer. Life. 

The Elusive Meadowlark

I hear their song out the window as we drive down the road. They are on fence posts and road signs. They are taunting me. Look at me, they sing in their beautiful voice. But as soon as I look, they are gone. As soon as I raise the camera, they disappear. I want desperately to watch them. To listen to their beautiful song. To enjoy their presence.

Still, I hear them laughing at me as they hide in the grass.

Twice now I have been lucky enough to snap a shot of these beautiful birds before they had a chance to fly away. Somehow, I must have caught them off-guard.  

I would love the opportunity to get better pictures of these little beauties, but I have learned that when it comes to meadowlarks, I better be happy with what they give me! 

Maybe someday they will tire of hiding from me. Maybe…  

My 52 – Week 1

I am convinced that the geese around here are crazy. They are supposed to fly south for the winter, but for some reason, they insist on sticking around. All I can figure is that the Great Falls birds are all in Arizona, basking inthe sun, and the geese here for the winter are from a veeeery cold part of Canada! Either way, they are fun to have around!