They’ve Returned!!

One of the best things about spring is watching all the migratory critters return after a long absence. Today, while out on a quick drive along the Smith River, we saw the first osprey of the season! Normally when we see osprey, they are up in their nests or soaring above the river, but today they were on the fence! There were two sitting a fence post apart. Their nest was close by and we figured they were out gathering fluff in preparation for eggs. One of the osprey had a fish in his talons, so we must have caught them on their lunch break.

One of them took off and landed further out in the field, but this gorgeous boy stayed for quite a while, allowing me to take some pictures of him.

Eventually he grew tired of being watched, and flew off to eat his fish in peace. ¬†Welcome home, osprey, it is good to have you back. ūüôā

Beautiful Hawk

We had quite the wind storm blow through yesterday. Afterward, we noticed a young hawk on the lawn next door. She looked like a fledgling and we thought perhaps she had been blown out of her nest. We attempted to contact Fish, Wildlife and Parks, to see if there was anything they wanted to do about the hawk, but it was after hours and we were unable to get an actual human on the line.

In the end, she wandered off behind a house across the street and we listened to her mom call for her for quite some time. I am not sure how much longer she would have stayed in the nest, but hopefully she was close enough to leaving that she will be able to make it on her own.