My 52: Week 37

I was cruising through some old pictures today and came across a lot of birds from Great Falls. I did not realize just how many pictures I had taken of the ducks and geese. I don’t think I have shared most of them, so I just might use them to finish my photo project.

There was one day in particular when the wind was extremely strong. The Missouri River looked like an ocean with waves lapping the shore. The geese were huddled down, taking the wind head-on. I came across the pictures from that day and I can remember how it felt. I can feel the sand beating off my face as I tried to hold still long enough to take some pictures.

That was some strong wind…

My 52: Week 36

When I began my My 52 project back at the beginning of the year, we lived in a place with a large variety of water fowl. We have only been here in Kentucky for a week now, but I have yet to find a goose or duck. That might make it hard to finish out the year with weekly photos of water birds. So, rather than not finish my project, I am making a small change: my birds no longer have to hang out on the water.

One type of bird we have seen in large numbers since arriving here are vultures. They always seem to be circling overhead. It is rather eerie at times. We went to the lake the other evening and there were many of them nesting in the trees. They weren’t too impressed with me and my camera, so they kept flying away. This week, I guess silhouettes will have to do.

My 52: Week 35

I confess that I am totally cheating this week. I do not think peacocks qualify as water birds (actually, I am most certain that they do not) but… well, it is not every day that one sees a white peacock, and I failed to take a picture of an actual water bird, so… I am cheating. These pretty peacocks were on the side of the road in Kentucky, a faint rainbow in the sky behind them. It had been raining, so they had to be at least a little wet… Does that count?

My 52: Week 33

In a pond full of loud geese all fighting over tiny pieces of bread, this pretty girl was perfectly content to stay in the background all by herself. She was not competing for anything, demanding nothing. She swam around peacefully, occasionally ducking her head for a small tidbit floating by. I loved her peacefulness.