A Trip to the Bank

Rob and I had talked about getting a bank account with a small, locally owned bank, but once we decided to take to the road full-time, staying with a nationwide bank made the most sense. This way no matter where we ended up, we would have access to our bank. So imagine my surprise when I was searching for the nearest branch only to learn that there are none what-so-ever in the state of Kentucky. Not one. Zero. Zip. Nada.

The nearest location happens to be 103 miles away. In Tennessee.

Needing to deposit a check, we had two options: 1.) Simply cash said check at a check-cashing place and pay their ridiculous fees, or 2.) Drive to the nearest branch, deposit the check, and enjoy a road trip.

It was very obvious that the fuel to drive would cost more than the fees at a money store, but road trips are much more fun, so we decided to hit the road.

Besides, we hadn’t been to Tennessee yet. And the nearest bank branch just happened to be in Nashville. Music City. Who could possibly pass that up? Not our little band of hooligans.

Live bands play in the restaurants beginning at about 11am everyday, so walking down the street was pretty amazing. Doors were open and music was pouring out onto the street. We walked for a while in search of a family friendly place that had live music and decided on a barbecue place called Rippy’s. The food was delicious, the entertainment was excellent. Nothing like good, classic country music to wash down a barbecue sandwich.

As we were leaving, I wanted to take a picture of the band, so Rob double checked with one of their gals that it was alright to do so. Not only did she allow me to take their picture, but she had all three of the kids go up on stage to be in it as well! Unfortunately my flash did not go off, so I ruined the picture, but it is something they will remember for quite some time.

We drove home in the rain, laughing about various things, and knowing that as far as trips to the bank go, this one tops the chart.