One Step Closer!

Our storage unit in Great Falls is officially empty and our stuff is on its way to New Mexico! The best part of the weekend, though, was that my parents came up from Idaho, so I was able to spend some time with them. Our time together went by too fast, but it was a wonderful couple of days! My parents are pretty awesome. 🙂

Wow, this is really happening! This time next week, we will be on our way to New Mexico!

PS – Umm, Daddy? Mom started it… 😉


Next Stop…

After what has felt like months of pacing and wondering, the wait is finally over! Rob has been selected for a permanent position in the mountains of northern New Mexico!

We have done extensive research on the area and there are countless outdoor activities that everyone will enjoy. With everything from hunting and fishing to hiking and horseback riding, there is definitely something for everyone. Not to mention all the National Parks in the area and the opportunity to explore more states.

Since Rob will be the on-call guy for emergency response and snow removal, occupancy is required, meaning we will be moving out of Waldo and into a house. Everyone is really excited about this. When we moved into Waldo over four years ago, the kids were all pretty small, so we had a lot of room. Now, we are slowly running out of space, and everyone is looking forward to having a little more elbow room.

Perhaps what we are most excited about are the schools. They are all top rated, with every sport and activity the kids could imagine. The teacher to student ratio is impressively low and they seem to put a lot of effort into their special education program. All of these things will only benefit the kids as they continue their education.

With the kids getting older, we all agree that we need to stay in one place for the rest of their school years. So we are moving not with a traveler’s mentality, but with that of a resident. New Mexico will be our new home. We will set up shop, we will become part of the community.

Rob is scheduled to start in early February, so we will be leaving North Dakota at the end of January. I have a little over a month to get things cleaned out and organized. Almost everything in Waldo needs to join our storage unit in Great Falls for easier moving. Even though we will no longer be living in Waldo, he will still make the trip with us. We will find a nice place to park him and we plan to take him along on road trips around New Mexico and the surrounding area.

This is a really big move for us. When we began the full-time RV lifestyle over four years ago, we had no idea how long it would last. Our plan was to travel until someone decided they no longer wanted to do so. Now here we are, thousands of miles and almost two dozen states later, and our RV life is coming to an end. One never knows what the future might bring, but we are all really excited about this move. I cannot help but think that everything happens for a reason, and we are on our way to where we are meant to be.

Cherished Memories

I received a comment on my old farm blog today. When I went to read it, I couldn’t help but cruise around the site. It had been many, many months since I had visited.

The last time I was there, I was in a much different place. Looking through all the old pictures broke my heart. The change of plans. The broken dreams. The things that didn’t quite turn out the way we envisioned. 

The last time I was there, I saw Gretel’s eyes and begged her to come back to us. Begged for her forgiveness for giving her away. Hoped she was still the happy girl I remembered.

The last time I was there, I saw my husband tilling  up our garden. The garden that is now an overgrown weed field. The garden that we had such big plans for. I saw the orchard. The berry patch. Both of which are long dead now.

The last time I was there, I saw so much potential. All lost. Abandoned.  

Every time I thought about it, my heart broke. Over and over again.

So I didn’t go back. I kept the farm in the back of my mind always, but I couldn’t bear to see it. To be reminded of it time and time again.

But tonight. Tonight I went back. Tonight I told Gouda that I still miss him. Still love him. Always will. I saw my old chickens and laughed at how funny they were. I remembered all the beautiful sunsets from the farm.  

Tonight I looked back on the farm with different eyes. I looked back on it with the fondest of memories. I looked back on it with a thankful heart, grateful for the opportunity. 

Tonight I realized that we bought the farm for a reason. And we left it for a reason.

All the choices we have made, both good and bad, have brought us to where we are today. And while I miss the farm, there are no doubts in my mind that we are exactly where we need to be at this moment in time. Leaving the farm taught us a lot about ourselves. About buried dreams. New directions. Endless possibilities.    

I love hobby farming. Have my entire life. Someday, we will return. I know this. But not yet. We have things to do first. Places to go. Adventures to embark upon. Dreams to chase.     

So tonight, and for all the nights to follow, I am looking back on the farm with great appreciation. For the lessons learned. The memories. The opportunities. The life. The courage. The love. 

I cherish it all.

Cats and Dogs

I find it interesting just how differently Remington and Bailey react when moving time rolls around.

On one side, we have Remi. He becomes very clingy, very chatty, meowing and purring almost constantly. He has become my shadow. He gets nervous when we pack to go camping for two days, boxes lining the walls is a little more than he can handle. He is on my lap as soon a I sit down, and he always has that look in his eyes, the pleading, begging us not to leave him.  

And then there’s Bailey. He is oblivious. Nothing bothers that pooch, not the boxes, not the coming and going. He just stretches himself out on a newly cleared piece of floor, usually right in our path so we have to step over him a million times, and sleeps like a baby. Partly because he is getting older and sleeping is his favorite thing to do, and partly because there is not a doubt in his mind that wherever we go, we’re taking him with us.

He’s right, though. We would never him. Or Remi. Or the turtle or rabbit or lizard for that matter, although they, too, are oblivious. Nobody is being left behind.   

“My love, wherever I go, I take you with me.”  ~Melissa Etheridge



Lots To Do

To be quite honest, I wasn’t sure how much of our current situation I should share here. There is a part of me that doesn’t want to give out too much information, but I have a hard time pretending everything is peachy, when our plate is covered with lemons. But as Rob said, with so much going on, how can I not blog about it? I can’t argue with that.

We are in the process of moving. Not quite a normal move from one house to another, but from this rental house into a 30 foot motor home. I will share the story of the motor home with you later, but for now, we have 11 days to empty this little house, get everything into storage, load the house-on-wheels with the things we can keep with us, and move to a somewhat permanent location, not to mention getting this place spick-and-span for the landlord.

And while all this is going on, Rob is also in the process of converting the single bedroom motor home into a bunk house for the kids…

I am wishing I had waited a little while longer to get a second job. It would be so much easier if I were home in the evenings to pack and keep the kids on task with homework, instead of making Rob do it all while I am at work. But, as Rob is always saying, it is what it is, and we are doing the best we can.

Perhaps once October 6th arrives, we will be reminded once again what sleep feels like…