A Hawaiian Birthday

Casually, you climb back onto the boat after a scuba diving adventure. It is

A difficult task, I am sure, spending your birthday in Hawaii, but you can handle it.

Rest and relax and soak up some sun, and enjoy an absolutely beautiful day.

You deserve the very best on this day and always. So go make some

 Noise, go make some memories, and know that you are loved.  

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

For Mom

“Mother, the ribbons of your love are woven around my heart.’  ~Author Unknown

For loving me. For nurturing me. For healing my wounds with a kiss and a hug. For believing in me even when I did not have the courage to believe in myself. For your unending patience. For your laughter.   

For accepting me despite my million flaws. For saying No when I didn’t want to hear it. For teaching me what really matters in life. For your big heart and honest soul. For encouraging me to follow my dreams.  

For caring so much during the tough times, and sharing your laughter during the good. For your acceptance, even when we didn’t necessarily agree. For your tireless support through everything. 

For always being ready with a warm embrace. For being the best mom you could be. For worrying. For caring. For your unconditional love.

For everything.

Thank you. A million times thank you for all you have done and all that you do. I love you.