Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

I am not sure if this is what they had in mind when they came up with this week’s photo challenge, but I am going with it. I was playing around with the camera while we were visiting the arch in St. Louis, and while I am not sure I got what I was looking for (I’m still not even sure what that was exactly), these images strike me as both near and far. All of these pictures are very similar, but I couldn’t decide which one to use, so I used them all.

The Best Day Ever!

The kids all agree that today was the best day EVER!!! You must be wondering what possibly could have happened that would earn today such an honor.

Was it the fact that we arrived in St. Louis, Missouri and had our first view of the Gateway Arch?

Was it because we were able to ride the tram all the way to the top of the arch?

Was it the view from the top of the arch that made today the best day ever?

Perhaps it was the original Courthouse that was across the street?

I personally think that all of these things made today pretty great, but none of them happen to be why today was the best. No, today was the best day ever simply because… it rained. Very. Hard.

It wasn’t the arch. It wasn’t the view. It wasn’t the tram ride. It wasn’t St. Louis. It was the puddles. Lots and lots of puddles. And the ability to run through them over and over again. Best. Day. Ever.


A Day in Kansas City, MO

I tell you what, if someone would just pay us to travel the country, that would be a dream. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be able to see new things. I realized today that we are in Missouri. Missouri. A place we had once only talked about. We ate Kansas City barbeque today, something we had only dreamt of. And yet, here we are. Doing this. Traveling. Living. We walked away from perfectly good jobs for this. We gave up a house for this. My only question now is, What took us so long?

Today we explored Kansas City, MO. We have not been in a city this large in a very long time and I was absolutely amazed at how many cars were on the road. There were so many people! In one place. In one town. At the same time! Thank goodness, once again, for Rob’s GPS.

Rob loves barbeque, so one of the stops we wanted to make was to a world-famous barbeque restaurant. We arrived at lunch time and everyone else in Kansas City must have had the same idea, because the place was packed. Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque. If you are a fan of barbeque, this place should be on your list. I ate two sandwiches. Two, and I am not the biggest fan of barbeque. That is how good it is. Now you can imagine how much Rob loved it.

While I admit that taking pictures from a moving vehicle is not the best way to capture an image, sometimes it is your only option, especially when you are a small town family cruising around a big town with a million more cars on the road than you are used to. I loved the bridge crossing the Missouri River. We couldn’t exactly stop on the freeway so my picture is complete with other cars, the glare from the dash and splattered bug guts on the windshield. I narrowly missed the rope holding the canoe on the roof. We hadn’t seen the Missouri River since we left Great Falls so it was nice to see all of its wide and lazy glory.

Since I was having so much fun taking pictures while Rob was dodging traffic, I thought I would shoot the arena as well. I am sure it has a name, but I missed it. It has a really neat design regardless.

Kansas City has a lot of variety, in both architecture and population. One day was not nearly enough time to learn all about it, but that is all the time we had, so I guess we will just have to go back. In the meantime I will continue to rack my brain for jobs to do while traveling. I am sure there is something that would be perfect or us, we just haven’t thought of it yet. But eventually we will figure it out, and I will once again be wondering, What took us so long?