A Sad Farewell

A couple of weeks ago, William’s skink stopped eating. Then she began basking more than usual. Eventually, she was basking almost all day. She stopped hiding when someone would get close to her, which she had always done in the past. Nothing had changed in her environment. Her food was the same as it had always been, so we weren’t sure what to think. Until about two days ago. She began to pale. The bright blueness of her tail began to fade, and while we tried tempting her with new bugs, nothing worked.

A youthful Slithers

A youthful Slithers

While I was trying to think if there was anything we could do for her, I was reminded of a time in the old house when the kids had let her out of her cage. We searched frantically for her, but she was not to be found. Remington was so excited that we began to think perhaps the cat had eaten the skink. Luckily, that was not the case. We found Slithers hanging out under the couch as though nothing had happened. Thankfully, they never “lost” her again.

We kept a watchful eye on Slithers, and while she became more lethargic, she was still breathing, so we did our best to make her happy. And then she was gone. William dug her a little grave under a tree beside the house. He covered her with all of her bark and topped it with her basing rock. We don’t know how old she was when William brought her home from his Auntie’s house, but we enjoyed her for a little over two years. Rest in Peace, dear Slithers, we truly enjoyed having you as a part of our family.

Rest in Peace, dear Slithers

Rest in Peace, dear Slithers



Can we keep him? – Part 2

I thought I had seen it all, so today when the kids brought home another lizard, I was not surprised, although I must admit that this one was a little bigger than all of the others.

IMG_0678 lizard

And when they ran home saying they had found frogs, I was not surprised then, either. When they returned to the creek and brought some home, they looked as I expected. At least two of them did. But Nathan’s frog made me look twice. This was a first…

IMG_0681 frogs

And since we are on a reptile kick, I would like to share our snake with you. The kids and I came across her down at the river, and while I did not know she poisonous at the time, we did not dare get close to her. We waited patiently on an elevated log until she was ready to move on. She eventually took off into the water and we were free to move again. The biggest difference between the snake and all the other critters the kids have found is that nobody asked to keep this one…

IMG_0583 snake