Lewis and Clark Festival

Last weekend was the 23rd Annual Lewis and Clark Festival. Rob is fascinated with the history of Lewis and Clark so we decided to stop by for a visit. There were different tents set up so we could learn about all the different aspects of the journey. We stayed for the beginning of a native dance, but had to cut it short because I had to go to work.

After they dropped me off at work, Rob and the kids went back and learned about snakes and were also able  to see the entire native dance. When the dance was over, Rob, Catheryn and William got up and danced with them. I am sorry I missed it. I am not sure I would have been brave enough to get up and dance with them, but I would have loved to take some pictures of the family dancing. Nathan, like me (poor boy), was content to watch from the bench. 

They all had a great time and the kids were able to trade their gold coins for trinkets. We had missed the festival the last couple of years, so I am glad Rob and the kids were able to go. 

Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center had free admission recently in honor of Martin Luther King day, and we took advantage of the opportunity to visit the center again. It is a great place full of hands-on fun for the kids and excellent exhibits. The kids were able to be Junior Explorers for the day and earned a certificate and patch. Their Grammy is going to make them brag vests so that they can keep all of their patches in one place. Hopefully there will be many more to follow. William thinks it is pretty cool that his name is William Clark. He loves to be a part of the great adventure that took place so many years ago. It truly is a beautifully done center, and I highly recommend going if you ever have the chance.

The Portage

How far can you pull out a dugout canoe in a day?

Buffalo hide

A Walk Along the Missouri River

With a big blue sky, sunshine and the temperature in the upper 40’s, it was a perfect day for a walk along the river. The kids have been itching to ride their bikes, and with the snow on the trail finally melted, they had the perfect opportunity.

The old railroad used to run along the river, but it has since been paved and turned into the Rivers Edge Trail. It’s a great place to let the kids ride while we walk along behind.

"The Caboose"

Black Eagle Falls

More of Black Eagle Falls

Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea

Just playing with the macro...