Farm Memories – Part Two

Many people don’t think much of sheep, but we loved our woolies. We brought home three Romney ewes; Liesel, Marta and Gretel. They quickly made themselves at home, calling to us whenever we emerged from the house, demanding love and affection and food. Especially food. Like everything else we have ever had, they were spoiled rotten. But oh, they were so much fun to have around.

Not long after we brought the girls home, we added Gouda to the mix. He was a big, handsome Dorset ram. The Romneys were a good dual-purpose breed, Gouda was good for meat, and together they made some pretty spectacular little lambs. And lambing season was the most exciting time of our farming year.

The sheep were to be our main focus. Not only were they gentle, small and easy to handle, but they fit into the back of our minivan, which was a requirement for everything we brought home. Well, everything except the horse…

Sweet Sounds

While out running a couple of errands tonight, we came across these little guys:

They were in a field all by themselves. My guess is that they were bummer lambs, bottle babies. They were oh, so adorable. Their sweet baby voices killed me, and I wanted so desperately to have a bottle of milk in my hands.


I miss opening my back door every morning to the sweet sound of… Maaaaaaaa. Someday, I hope to be greeted once again by the wonderful sights and sounds of farm life.