Weekend at the Lake

It is hard to believe it is the end of May already. This year is just flying by! Last year we did not make it out for as much camping as we would have liked, so this year we decided to get a better start. For Memorial Day weekend, we made our way to Morphy Lake State Park. It is a small lake a little over two hours from here. The water level is really low due to lack of snow this winter, but that did not stop people from heading out to fish. The lake was quite crowded every day that we were there.

We set up camp on Friday and spent three nights. We spent the weekend fishing and playing on the boats. The kids caught crawdads and frogs, even some baby fish. It was a great relaxing way to spend the weekend.

Everyone had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to heading out again. Unfortunately, a lot of campgrounds are now closed due to extreme fire danger. Hopefully we will get some good rain soon.

I have some catching up to do on the blog, but since pictures will not load with our poor internet at home, I have to come to town to get it done. It is my goal to get all caught up within the next week or so. I guess late is always better than never!

For now, though, here are some pictures from our weekend. ūüôā Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Nathan was the first to catch a fish!

It was quite muddy, so everything, fish included, ended up brown…

This one was determined to catch the most fish on day 1, which he did. He caught 6.

Camping fish fry!

Nathan loves sleeping in his hammock when we go camping.

Moose Sighting

Apparently I took a couple of years off Rob’s life yesterday. It all started innocently enough…

We were driving home from Spokane, after having attended one of the most beautiful weddings ever, and were taking in the sights around Lake Coeur d’ Alene in Idaho. After the lake ends, it turns marshy for¬†a little ways. Now, I should probably mention here¬†that I looove¬†moosies. I have been dying to see one forever (it has been about 10 years since our last sighting) and I always keep my eyes open when we are near prime moose habitat.¬†No luck, though, they are always hiding from me.

Until yesterday, that is.

I wasn’t expecting to see a moose standing in the¬†marsh off the side of the freeway.¬†But I did. And I¬†didn’t think I would overreact if I did see one. But I did that, too. I think I squealed and bounced and¬†stomped.¬†I even had tears in my eyes, I was so excited.¬†¬†¬†

Unfortunately, she was spotted at the bottom of a mountain pass, so we had to climb to the top before there was an exit to turn around and head back down. But when we made our way back to her, she was still standing there.


I jumped out, took some pictures, told her she was pretty, asked her if she wanted to come home with us, you know, all the things you are supposed to do when you finally (FINALLY!) spot a pretty little moosie. Apparently she wasn’t up for coming home with us, because she turned and headed away from me.


I have apologized profusely for scaring the be-jeebers out of Rob, and have promised to try not to do so for at least another 11 years. (Apparently there was a similar incident about 9 years ago when I spotted a Dairy Queen. I was pregnant with William at the time, so at least I had a good excuse.) Next time I spot something of interest, I am to calmly say, “Honey, will you please stop the car.” There are no guarantees, but I will try my best.¬†


But look, WE SAW A MOOSE!!! WE SAW A MOOSE!!! WE SAW A MOOSE!!! And what a pretty little girl¬†she was. ūüôā


We were not able to¬†take the trip¬†we had originally planned for this weekend, so rather than stay home all day, we opted to go fishing.¬† We went to¬†a lake just down the road and the kids and Rob all took their poles.¬† It was a really slow morning, and just when we were debating trying another spot…

…Rob came up with this big guy.¬† A beautiful 20 inch Rainbow Trout.¬† Needless to say, we stayed at that spot for a little while longer.¬† Rob’s buddy once told him that if you catch a fish while other people are watching, you get Superstar Status.¬† Well, me and three pretty excited kids were there cheering him on, so I think he more than qualifies.¬† Rob, you’re a SUPERSTAR!!!¬† But then again,¬†we already knew that¬† ūüôā