Introducing Charlie!

Meet Charlie, the newest member of our traveling family! He is a beautiful little pooch about a year old. He is part Miniature Schnauzer, part Jack Russell Terrier, and part Tasmanian Devil. And he is absolutely perfect.

We knew we were getting ready for a new dog to join our family, but we hadn’t come across the right one until we saw this face online on Saturday. We just knew he was the one for us, and we were so excited about him that we drove halfway to Knoxville on Saturday night, before we even had a reply to our inquiring email. We were sure that we would receive a call any minute and we wanted to be ready to go meet him.

But we did not receive a call, or an email, and it was getting late, so we decided to head home. We assumed we were too late and he had already gone to a new home. We were both happy for him and a little disappointed at the same time.

Sunday morning, just as I was about to head out on my run, Rob checked email and told me that we had a message from Charlie’s dad. Rob assured me that if we were allowed to go meet Charlie, he would come pick me up mid-run so we could go back to Knoxville. As it turned out, we were invited to go meet Charlie, but we had to wait until the afternoon when his owner was off work.

We still headed to Knoxville earlier than necessary. I guess you could say we were a little excited. Normally we don’t have any trouble at all passing time, but Sunday was the slowest day in the history of man. We were convinced that 4:30 would never come, and we had to fight the urge to spend the day waiting on his porch.

We fell in love with Charlie almost instantly. He was happy and energetic, just what we were looking for. Even his size was perfect. I am grateful that his owner trusted us to take good care of him.

I must confess, though, that I had a lump in my throat as we led him away. I remembered leaving the farm and having to find homes for our sheep and chickens, barn cats and ducklings. I remembered standing in the driveway and watching my animals drive down the road without me, and how much it hurt to let them go. And I felt guilty. But I also knew that we would be giving Charlie our very best, and somehow, that made it better.

We have had Charlie now for a little over 24 hours, and he truly is a wonderful dog. He is a fast learner, very sweet and extremely playful. He is absolutely perfect.