My 52: Week 37

I was cruising through some old pictures today and came across a lot of birds from Great Falls. I did not realize just how many pictures I had taken of the ducks and geese. I don’t think I have shared most of them, so I just might use them to finish my photo project.

There was one day in particular when the wind was extremely strong. The Missouri River looked like an ocean with waves lapping the shore. The geese were huddled down, taking the wind head-on. I came across the pictures from that day and I can remember how it felt. I can feel the sand beating off my face as I tried to hold still long enough to take some pictures.

That was some strong wind…

Art in the Park

Saturday found us down at Giant Springs, one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in Great Falls, Montana.

The fish at the hatchery are always fun to feed, although since many other people had the same idea, they were not as hungry as they have been on other days. This is a good thing for them, of course.

The kids even found a snake in the river. I had to remind William a dozen times that he was not to catch it to take it home. Luckily it was just a baby. 

There was also Art in the Park going on. Many artists were set up all around the park and they had their easels set up and were painting and drawing. People have some amazing talent and it was neat to walk around and see all the variety.


Glorious Glacier: Day 1

We have ventured out of Great Falls in search of some rest and relaxation in Glacier National Park!! This park is magical. Today was our first full day here and we rocked an 8-mile hike! The weather was perfect and we are all guaranteed to sleep well tonight. I will do my best to share some pictures from each day that we are here.  


Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center had free admission recently in honor of Martin Luther King day, and we took advantage of the opportunity to visit the center again. It is a great place full of hands-on fun for the kids and excellent exhibits. The kids were able to be Junior Explorers for the day and earned a certificate and patch. Their Grammy is going to make them brag vests so that they can keep all of their patches in one place. Hopefully there will be many more to follow. William thinks it is pretty cool that his name is William Clark. He loves to be a part of the great adventure that took place so many years ago. It truly is a beautifully done center, and I highly recommend going if you ever have the chance.

The Portage

How far can you pull out a dugout canoe in a day?

Buffalo hide

Camping at Mortimer Gulch

After a few days of visiting down in Boise, it was time to head home. We got an early start and didn’t miss any turn-offs, so the drive home went pretty quick. We decided that one of these years we are going to have to allow ourselves some extra time to visit Craters of the Moon National Monument. This trip, though, we had to head for home.

We got home with enough time to get things put away and cleaned up, and Rob’s sister and her husband arrived the next morning. We played tour guides around Great Falls and took them to Ryan Dam to see The Great Falls of the Missouri River,


and then on to the First People’s Buffalo Jump.

Between sight-seeing and shopping, it turned out to be a pretty busy day. Next on the agenda was to decide where to go camping. Since Glacier National Park wasn’t ready for us just yet, we decided on Gibson Reservoir and headed out the next morning. The drive was breathtaking.


We had a wonderful time camping and fishing and exploring. The weather was a little on the cold side, but it didn’t really matter. We pretty much had the campground to ourselves, the fire was warm and the company was awesome.

The evening before we left, we came across this beautiful little spot. Once I saw it, I knew that if I could set up my tent anywhere I wanted, it would be right here. This is the spot where I would choose to live out my days.

But there are many places yet to explore, so once again we packed up and headed for home. I hate having to say good-bye to people, but on the drive back, we split off from Rob’s sister and her husband and they drove towards their home, and we headed towards ours. Opposite directions once again.

We are back home now and our vacation is over. Rob headed back to work this morning and I found myself wishing he were still home with me. I could get myself into a real slump over this, but it wouldn’t do any good. So instead, I will enjoy daily life while secretly looking forward to our next adventure. But for now, I will share some more pictures with you.