Families are like fudge ‚ÄĒ mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author unknown

Typical family photo in our house…

On our best behavior…

Apparently my mom and I look alike, although neither of us can see it.

Have you seen Nathan? No, I haven’t. Have you?

She got me!

Grammy, Grampy, and the kids started out behaving themselves…

Then Nathan cracked…

Followed by Liam until…

They all lost it except for Grampy.

Just when we thought Grampy was the only one who could behave…

And as usual, Rob and I are completely innocent. ūüôā

Hopefully my parents will forgive me someday for sharing these pictures! ūüôā

Heading Home

This morning my parents had to head for home. We had a really nice time dragging them all over the area, but I am sure they are happy to be home now so they can rest! Visits with them always go by way too fast, but I sure am grateful for the time we get to spend together.

Thank you so much for the wonderful visit. We love you and look forward to next time!

Grammy and Grampy

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

We have returned from our wonderful week of vacation. Like usual, it went by way too fast, but we had a great time and are glad we were able to visit so much family and do so many things. We had such a fun-filled week that I am going to start with our visit with my parents. 

They live about¬†10 hours from here, so we¬†are not able to make the drive very often.¬†Since my sister lives¬†even further than my parents, we see her and her family even less.¬†What seems to work is if we all head to¬†Grammy and Grampy’s at the same time. So that is how we spent the early part of the week.

In order to get a head start on the drive, we¬†left Friday night. We had no idea¬†where we were going to spend the night, so we figured we would just stop when we were tired. That happened to be just before midnight.¬†I’ve heard that¬†one test of true¬†compatibility is to put up a¬†tent¬†together in the dark. Not only did¬†Rob and I¬†get the tent up, but we were still laughing when we¬†were done. We must be compatible… The coolest thing about stopping¬†in the dark is having no idea what your surroundings look like, so it is a surprise in the morning when you open the door.¬†


We hit the road bright and early Saturday morning. Apparently the navigator (that would be me) is not supposed to fall asleep in the car. (Who knew, right?) As a result of my little nap, Rob missed a turn-off and we ended up going about 80 miles out of our way. Oops. We arrived safely, if not a little later than planned, and then the fun began.

A Birthday Party for all the kids.


The cousins seemed to pick up right where they left off and you never would have guessed that it had been two years since they had seen each other. My sister is just as beautiful as ever and being in the company of my parents always makes me happy. 


My mom and sister, Jessica.


The only one missing was my sister’s husband. Unfortunately, he was unable to get the time off.


(Yes, half of them have their tongues out...)

 We had four generations in the same house and it was loud. And crazy. And wonderful. And I loved every minute of it. We all decided that this has to be an annual occurrence, so the countdown to June 2012 has already begun.


My nephews, Ian and Jordan.

Well, I think I have¬†rambled enough for one night. Tomorrow I will continue with the weeks adventures, but first…

“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”¬† ~Clarence Budington Kelland

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! You are so incredibly special to me. Thank you for all your support and guidance over the years. You truly are the best. I told you I would start blogging again today, so this one’s for you. I love you.