My 52 – Week 9

While out and about around town, we came across a goose sitting on the lawn of the local newspaper. Rob pulled into the driveway so I could take a couple of pictures of her. At first I thought it was strange that she didn’t get up and walk away from us, as they almost always do. But at closer look, it appeared as though she had some string around her foot.

When we turned around to leave the driveway, she did in fact get up to walk away, but she was so tied up that she couldn’t even stand up all the way. We sat there watching her for a moment, contemplating what to do. It didn’t appear as though she could fly, so we decided to catch her. While William manned the camera, Rob and I caught the goose and tried to get her untangled.

The string appeared to have been there for a while. She had some pretty deep indents on her foot and one of her wings was half gone, as though he circulation had been cut off.

Once we let her go, she sat there for a while, as though not sure what to think about what had just happened to her. But after a minute, she stood up, all the way up, and walked off. Slowly at first, but then a little quicker. We loaded back up into the car and by the time we drove back by her, she was standing tall.

When we passed by the lawn a little later in the evening, she was gone. We were thinking she had gone down to the river for the night. Even if she will never be able to fly again, being able to stand up and walk around has to feel a little bit better than being tied up.