My 52: Week 29

Since we spent a majority of the week in Glacier National Park, I thought it only fitting to include a water bird from the park. Unfortunately, we did not see many, so my options were limited. We did, however, see these grebes while out on one of our hikes. They were quite content to swim and dive on a beautiful summer day.

Farewell Glacier

As most vacations do, our time in Glacier National Park went by too fast. This morning we found ourselves packing up camp, though none of us really wanted to. We had such a wonderful time with Rob’s sister and her husband, and leaving was hard since we knew it would be some time before we would see them again. Our camp looked so lonely as we were driving away, but I am grateful for the wonderful memories we made and the time we were able to spend together.

Glorious Glacier: Day 3

We have now hiked 19 miles in three days which, with three kids tagging along, is not bad at all. We have seen a variety of critters including a black bear, but have yet to spot the elusive moose. Unfortunately our time here is nearing an end, and I guarantee that none of us are going to want to leave…

Glorious Glacier: Day 1

We have ventured out of Great Falls in search of some rest and relaxation in Glacier National Park!! This park is magical. Today was our first full day here and we rocked an 8-mile hike! The weather was perfect and we are all guaranteed to sleep well tonight. I will do my best to share some pictures from each day that we are here.  


Fee-Free Weekend!!

I recently came across a list of fee-free dates for Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.  I, of course, was very excited about this.  Earlier today I was reminded that the first of these free days is this weekend! 

We spent a week camping in Yellowstone a couple of summers ago and it was amazing.  I can only imagine how beautiful and peaceful it must be in the winter.  Glacier National Park is an incredibly magical place, and it too, must be gorgeous covered in snow.  (I have seen pictures, but I’m sure nothing compares with seeing it in person.) 

I am not sure if we will be able to manage it or not, but I would love to visit one of the parks this weekend.  One of the best things about living here in Great Falls, is how close we are to them.  Glacier is about 3.5 hours away, and Yellowstone is only about an hour further. 

I’m excited just thinking about it.  All the photo opportunities, wildlife, no traffic, you name it.  Like I said, I am not sure if we will be able to swing it or not, but if we are, you will be the first to know!! 

Anyone else up for a road trip?

NOTE – If you want to go, but are unable to make it this weekend, the parks will also be free on the following days:

  • National Park Week  April 16-24
  • First Day of Summer  June 21
  • National Public Lands Day  September 24
  • Veteran’s Day Weekend  November 11-13