My 52: Week 37

I was cruising through some old pictures today and came across a lot of birds from Great Falls. I did not realize just how many pictures I had taken of the ducks and geese. I don’t think I have shared most of them, so I just might use them to finish my photo project.

There was one day in particular when the wind was extremely strong. The Missouri River looked like an ocean with waves lapping the shore. The geese were huddled down, taking the wind head-on. I came across the pictures from that day and I can remember how it felt. I can feel the sand beating off my face as I tried to hold still long enough to take some pictures.

That was some strong wind…

My 52: Week 33

In a pond full of loud geese all fighting over tiny pieces of bread, this pretty girl was perfectly content to stay in the background all by herself. She was not competing for anything, demanding nothing. She swam around peacefully, occasionally ducking her head for a small tidbit floating by. I loved her peacefulness.     

My 52: Week 32

The pond at Gibson Park is a popular place for both people and birds. It is one of those special places where there are no signs asking you not to feed the birds, so everyone shows up with bags of discount bread. We somehow manage to forget the bread almost every time we go, but the ducks and geese are so used to people that they stick around anyway.

When we showed up at the park yesterday, bread forgotten as usual, the ducks and geese were taking a rest in the shade of the trees. They were calm and peaceful and enjoyable to watch. The babies have all grown up, making it very hard to tell them apart from the parents.

What surprised me the most, though, was William. My wild child, the one who never sits still, the one whose battery we can never seem to deplete. He sat. Still. Simply watching.