Christmas Memories

Children’s excitement as Christmas approaches is so contagious that it is impossible not to feel giddy this time of year. I confess that, like the kids, I had a hard falling asleep last night, anticipation of Christmas morning keeping me awake. William was so anxious he was up at 1:40am and then again at 3:00. We finally let him get up at 6am.

The day was spent grazing on candy, playing games, watching Christmas movies, cooking a feast and enjoying being able to spend the day together. Bailey gnawed on his Christmas bone, Remi gorged on catnip-flavored treats, Wiggy Wabbit enjoyed celery and sunflower seeds. Even Flash shared some meal worms with his fishy friends. We laughed, we stuffed ourselves within inches of popping, I even confess to catching a small nap after lunch.

And just like that, it is all over. After months of excitement, planning and preparation, Christmas has once again come to an end. The presents have all been opened, the feast consumed. Kids will once again be able to sleep at night. The memories of the day will last a lifetime, though. Memories of a day spent together. A day of dreams come true and wished granted. A day of magic. A day where anything seems possible. Special memories. Unforgettable moments. Knowing that no matter where we are, where we live or what we are doing, as long as we have each other, things are just as they should be.

I hope all your Christmas wishes came true. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Tales from the “Black”

As I sat at the dining table yesterday afternoon, pouring over Black Friday ads in the newspaper, I decided to start a list of must-haves. Rob and I agreed on a few things from four different stores and decided that I would head to the stores that opened at midnight and he would catch the ones that opened at 5am.

My first store had sales beginning at 10pm. No problem. Knowing it would only take me about 2 minutes to get there, I decided to leave the house at about 9:40. On the short drive over, I imagined a nice shopping experience, browsing through decorations, viewing possible gifts. I was looking forward to a quiet night of shopping by myself. At least I was until I rounded the corner…

Cars were backed up forever. They were lining both sides of the main street. The parking lot was packed. People were everywhere. I almost changed my mind, but the little voice inside my head was saying how bad could it be? I found a parking space all the way down a side road, walked my way in the dark to the main doors and…W.O.W. Oh, I thought to myself, so that’s how bad it can be.

I totally underestimated the ruthlessness of Black Friday shoppers.

There was no browsing to be done. One could hardly move. I had four things on my list. Two of them were already gone. I ended up with a game that wasn’t exactly the one I was hoping for, a doll that I hadn’t even planned on getting, and cat treats. I’m not sure it was worth the hour it took me to get through the check-out line, but I was already there so I didn’t see a point in leaving without my finds.

My second store was even worse. I say that because I never even made it in the door. When I had left the house earlier in the evening, I had told Rob that I would be home in between stores. With he second stop not opening until midnight, I figured I would have plenty of time. Shows what I know. As it was, by the time  I made it to store #2, it was already 11:20 and the line at the door was all the way down the strip mall and around the corner. Not only was my jacket not warm enough, but all I had planned to get was another game and some jeans for the boys. I opted to go home instead.

Rob was much more successful this morning, but even he missed out on some items. Apparently things disappear quickly when several hundred people are climbing over each other to get to them. Who knew, right? Rob said I am not aggressive enough for Black Friday. Perhaps not. Perhaps next year I will stay in my warm home, drinking hot chocolate, watching a movie. Or perhaps I will attempt it again. Only I will show up three hours early, dressed up in my winter best, game face on. 

It could happen, right? At least Remington liked his treats…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

An Afternoon With The Cub Scouts

The plan was to meet this afternoon at the Boy Scout District Office to learn first aid from the Fire Department.

But before we went to the first aid training, the Tiger Cubs met at the park for some hiking, games and bird watching. We weren’t having any luck finding birds, most likely because we were a little on the loud side, so the boys took up a game of tag, followed by Red Rover. The intention was to wear the kids out a little so that when it was time to listen to the first aid training, they might actually be able to hold still. For some reason, this strategy never seems to work. Must be all the excitement.

When we arrived at the training, we met up with all the other Cub Scouts. The Fire Department gave the boys lessons in splinting broken arms, treating burns and the proper way to wrap and care for large cuts.

After the first aid training, everyone gathered around the fire pit and learned how to properly retire a torn and frayed flag. Each person was handed a piece of the flag and we learned what each different color stands for as we put them in the fire. It was a very good lesson.

Everyone had a good time. We may not have been able to wear the kids out, but we’re pooped…

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