Back Home Again

The kids and I returned home last week from an event-filled three-week trip back west. We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends, some of which we hadn’t seen in a couple of years, some even longer. There are so many stories to share but I don’t know where to begin, so I have decided to simply share a few photos instead.

It was hard to say good-bye, as it always is, but it felt good to come home again. Hopefully Rob will be with us the next time we make a visit.

I would like to send out a special thank you to our family and friends who put us up and put up with us. We are a handful, especially for everyone who normally enjoys a nice and quiet house. We sincerely appreciate everything that you did for us. We love you all.

Charlie B. and Remington P.

Remi loves to get Charlie in trouble. He walks by him, gently rubbing his tail under Charlie’s nose, teasing him mercilessly. When Charlie launches, he gets yelled at, and Remi walks away, laughing as he goes. Lately he has been doing this more and more, encouraging Charlie to do his playful little dance, ready to tug-of-war with Remi, and Remi bats at him with his imaginary claws. Charlie hops around with his front legs on the floor, butt high in the air, tail wagging, desperate to play with this furry little kitty who always manages to get away. It is really quite funny to watch, but at 15 years old, Remi is not the tough “warrior” cat he once was, so we do not encourage Charlie, with his pointy puppy teeth, to launch at him. But despite how often Remi tries to lure Charlie into his trap, we know that he secretly loves having him around. They sleep together on the couch. They stare together out the window. They are buddies. Pals. Friends. Just don’t ask Remi, because he would never admit it…

Spend the Night with Me

9:46 pm

I am normally a night person. I have an easier time staying up late than I do getting up to an alarm clock. Rob is the opposite. The early bird and the night owl. This is the reason why Rob is working the day shift and I have taken the night shift. The only problem is that I will be working until 4am. That’s four. In the morning. Ouch. I can handle one, or even two, but I  am not sure about four. Now that I have finished two weeks of half shifts, tomorrow night I will work my first full shift. This is where 4am comes into play. I figure that if I am to be working all night tomorrow, I better stay up nice and late tonight. Rob has to be to work at 6am, so I do not think he is going to even consider staying up with me. How about you? Are you up for it?

As I sit here, everyone else in my family is getting ready for bed. I am somewhat jealous. While I am not ready for sleep yet, I would like to crawl into my nice cozy bed for some reading. I do not, however, trust myself not to fall asleep, so that is simply not an option.

If you don’t have anything else going on, I invite you to spend the night with me.

I feel like a teenager sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night. Not that I am a teenager, and 10pm hardly qualifies as the middle of the night. Quite honestly, I am not sure I ever snuck out of the house even when I was a teenager. Where would I have gone? To a friend’s house perhaps? I doubt it, my friends, and there were not very many, were all good girls, not the kind to house the likes of me. I can honestly say that I have no idea where I would have gone. This is perhaps why I never went anywhere.

And yet, here I am, old enough to know better and still too young to care, sneaking out of the house in the middle of the… well, at night. Where am I going, you ask? Why, to the laundry mat of course. Where else would I possibly go? As luck would have it, someone else had the same idea, so all three of the washers here at the campground are busy with other people’s dirty what-nots, so I must wait my turn.

I think I will read my book for a while…

Rob and I broke down and bought Kindles. I have resisted them for the longest time. I love the feel and smell of real books. Especially used books. They have such history. Who read it before me? Where did they live? Where did the stain on the cover come from? I love to physically hold books in my hands and turn each and every lovely page. Unfortunately, living in an RV doesn’t give you the luxury of storage space. Not to mention books can get very heavy, especially if you have too many (if that is even possible) which we do. Enter the Kindle. We bought the basic model which will hold 1000 books. We even opted for advertisements which saved us more money. Not to mention employee discounts. It just made sense.

The main reason we purchased them (Rob and I each got one since we like to read together) is Thomas Jefferson Education. TJEd uses both mentors and the classics to teach. When we came across the program, we realized that it is what we wanted to do with our kids. So we must read classics. Lots and lots of classics. We started with Anne of Green Gables, which, I am sorry to say, I have never read before. I am about half way through right now and am really enjoying it. How had I not read this in my youth? I do believe I have seen a movie based on the book, but I am glad to finally be reading the book. On my Kindle. In the laundry mat. At 11 o’clock at night.

I am not sure what it is about kids’ laundry, but it always seems to smell like feet. I must say that I prefer it coming out of the washer rather than going in.

It’s a good thing I do not have an overactive imagination, because I am sitting by myself, in a strange place, with my back to a rather large uncovered window. In the dark. Best get back to my book before I make myself paranoid.

I rather enjoy being alone. I have always been a loner, and I rarely know what to say to people, so being alone takes the away awkward silence while I try desperately to come up with something to say. When I’m alone, I don’t have to worry about it. The silence is not awkward, which I rather enjoy. My children require so much communication during the day that it is nice to sit here and not have to say anything.

Well, I made it to midnight. This is probably where it will start to get a little tough for me. I am glad you have agreed to visit with me tonight. It gives me something to think about besides being tired. Right now, quite honestly, I am ready to crawl into my comfy bed, turn off my book light, and drift off to sweet sleep. This is about when I normally give into the night.

Doing laundry is helping. The dryers are rather loud with all the buttons and buckles clanking around. I was being cheap and stuffed all of our laundry into two dryers. They didn’t dry of course, so I had to put twice the money into each machine. If only I had used three dryers to begin with…

It is always such a relief when all the laundry is done. Back when we had a house and our own washer and dryer, I never managed to get all the laundry done. I washed and dried a load almost every day, but I never got around to folding it all. There was almost always a pile of clean clothes on the couch. If you needed something, you had to go fishing. If it was wrinkled, it went for another spin in the dryer. Now, I have to finish all the laundry. Including the folding. There is just no way around it. There is no dryer to throw it back into if it gets wrinkled. Nowadays you would be forced to use the iron, which, in our house, is almost a bad word. I never use the thing. Quite honestly, I am not even sure why we own one. Rob doesn’t think I know how to turn it on. I hate to admit it, but he might be right. Regardless, laundry is now a weekly thing, all of it at once, and then you are done for seven wonderful laundry-free days.

Let’s go home.

I have managed to sneak successfully back into the house. Due to the fact that there is really nowhere to go without waking everyone else up, I am sitting on the bathroom floor. Me and my little computer and my kindle and you, my wonderful companion. Remington P. Cat has joined us because apparently he has a problem being left out. Something about closed doors…

Have you ever read Anne of Green Gables? Anne (that’s Anne with an E) Shirley can talk. And talk. I can almost guarantee that there is no awkward silence when she is involved.


The bathroom floor is not very forgiving. If this is to become my night-before-heading-back-to-work spot, then I think I shall have to bring a cushion with me. That or stay at the campground clubhouse longer. At least there are comfy chairs and I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up. I just have to worry about the spiders in the corners on the floor. The kids were nice enough to point them out when we went to Rob’s “Meet and Greet”. All night, whenever the tie on my shorts tickled my leg, I had a minor panic attack trying to whack it off. As far as I know, there were never any real spiders on me. On second thought, maybe I do have an overactive imagination. Then again, perhaps Anne (with an E) is rubbing off on me.

I have made good progress in my book tonight. And, for being 2:30 in the morning, I am doing surprisingly well. My goal is 3am. If I can stay awake reading and visiting and folding laundry, then surely I can manage a 10 hour shift running around Amazon, pulling items here and there, trying to beat the clock to my next location.


It feels a little strange to be up at almost 3 o’clock in the morning. It’s not nearly as hard as I was thinking it would be. My night owl spirit is in her element tonight, embracing this challenge with a vengeance. Hopefully she will be just as helpful tomorrow night.

I think it is about time to head to bed. The kids have said they will try to be quiet in the morning. I know that is asking a lot of them, but they will do their best, and that is all I can ask.


I made it! Ah, sweet success. It’s not much, but I’ll take what I can get!

Thank you for your company tonight, I have really enjoyed it. We should do it again sometime.