September 6, 2018 – Nathan’s First Football Game

Nathan has his final football game of the season this Wednesday, so that makes me feel even worse about just now getting around to sharing his first game with you! I can tell you that the Hawks have had an amazing season! They are currently 6-0, and while the game this Wednesday might prove to be their toughest opponent, they are still aiming to finish the season with a perfect record. They have a great group of boys out there who all work really well together. It has been fun these past two years watching them grow and improve as a team. I guess now we will just have to wait and see how many of them go on to play High School football!


That’s Nathan on the ground… ūüôā

The game was delayed due to weather, and it rained off and on, but it sure was fun!

Kick off, Nathan’s best friend is the kicker.

Let’s Go Hawks!

As promised, here are some pictures from the boys’ first football game of the year. They lost to Taos, 26-18, but they had a blast! Last week they won against the Elks, 6-0. They are already looking forward to their Thursday game this week! Let’s Go Hawks!!!

Game Day!

Nathan is #16

Liam is #85

Liam’s 4th down attempt.

Great Game!!

After game huddle

Summer Adventures ~ August 2016

August came way too fast this year! Most parents probably love the kids returning to school, but I love my kids home, so the start of the new school year is never my favorite thing.

We squeezed what we could out of summer while it lasted, though. We went to Cliff’s Amusement Park in Albuquerque where the kids had an absolute blast. We spent the entire day there watching them ride everything they possible could. It was strange to remember the days when they were all so small that they could not go on a lot of rides. Now, they are tall enough to ride everything and don’t need us for much of anything. We no longer need to hold their hands or go on rides with them… Sigh.

Middle school football practice started and Liam was so excited, especially after missing summer football camp. Every afternoon I took him to school and watched about 60 boys get ready for football season. After a week of practice, they picked up their jerseys for the year. You could tell the boys felt pretty cool, all officially part of the middle school football team.

Liam got his braces on his bottom teeth, Rob and I both celebrated birthdays, Charbie continued to get cuter everyday. Sweet Hamish, the little 5-week old kitty we found up in North Dakota, turned two! He is still the same adorable butterball he has always been. Perhaps the most shocking thing that happened was that Liam cut his hair! I had thought he was kidding when he went in for a hair cut just before school, but obviously not. He went in with longish hair, and came out with short hair! He looks so grown-up!

Liam had middle school registration as well. We picked up his student ID, got his books, found his locker and all of his classes, paid his fees for the year. He was anxious to get started, I think mostly so all the nerves about not knowing what to expect would go away. The twins had meet-the-teacher, and then it was time for school to start!

We have now completed two full weeks of school and everyone is doing great. Liam has the middle school routine down and loves not being in elementary school anymore. The twins both love their teachers and have good friends in their classes.

Meanwhile, it is awfully quiet back at home…¬†Do you suppose it is to early to start counting down to next summer?

Things We Grow Into…

My dad loves football season.¬† When I was a kid, he always had a game on.¬† Mom never cared for it.¬† Neither did us kids.¬† But Dad watched it anyway and almost always invited us to watch it with him.¬†¬†We, of course, declined… every time.¬†

I’m pretty sure Mom still dislikes the sport, but somewhere along the way from there to here, something changed for both¬†my sister and myself.¬† What was once a boring sport, has¬†become an enjoyable game.¬† What made no sense what-so-ever, suddenly became clear.¬† What¬†seemed to us as a waste of time, is now something we look forward to.¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

It may have taken years to grow into football, but I rather enjoy¬†it now.¬† I confess that there are some calls that still make¬†no sense to me, and certain plays are over my head.¬† I don’t keep track of who plays for who,¬†and¬†I couldn’t tell you who Miami’s coach is,¬†but football in general is an enjoyable¬†sport to watch.¬† I even find myself hollering at the television from time to time.¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

Whenever I am watching a game, I know that Dad, no matter how many miles separate us, is most likely watching it, too.¬† I don’t get to see him as often as I would like, but nowadays I accept his invitation, and we watch the game ‘together.’¬† Perhaps that is my favorite part…