Farm Memories – Part Three

When it came to critters, the chickens surprised us the most. We had planned on them running around, laying eggs when they felt like it, but what we got was a group of the funniest, most entertaining birds ever. It got to the point where we were carrying around saltine crackers in our pockets just so that when they came running at us doing their silly little chicken dance, we could reward them for their efforts. Anyone who says that chickens do not have personality has not spent any time with them, ’cause let me tell you, they have Personality. And yes, that is a capital P…

The ducks came along later. We brought them home the spring before we left so we did not have much time with them. After raising them in the barn, we were able to get them moved to their outside pen. They were fun to watch, and I have a feeling that they would have been just as entertaining as the chickens.

My 52: Week 44

This week’s featured photographer is… drumroll please… my dad!!

Due to the fact that I myself have failed to get any bird pictures this week, and the fact that my dad just happened to email me several great ones, I have decided to share a couple of his pictures. I should probably point out that I failed to ask for his permission to do this, but due to the late hour, and since today is my My 52 deadline for the week, I am hoping that he won’t mind if I share his wonderful talent with you.

These ducks are currently residing in Albertson Park in Boise, Idaho. I love wood ducks and rarely see any myself, so this one was a special treat, and the handsome mallard seemed very excited that he was having his picture taken.

I have a feeling that somehow my dad knew I would be needing his help this week. Thank you, Daddy!!

My 52: Week 32

The pond at Gibson Park is a popular place for both people and birds. It is one of those special places where there are no signs asking you not to feed the birds, so everyone shows up with bags of discount bread. We somehow manage to forget the bread almost every time we go, but the ducks and geese are so used to people that they stick around anyway.

When we showed up at the park yesterday, bread forgotten as usual, the ducks and geese were taking a rest in the shade of the trees. They were calm and peaceful and enjoyable to watch. The babies have all grown up, making it very hard to tell them apart from the parents.

What surprised me the most, though, was William. My wild child, the one who never sits still, the one whose battery we can never seem to deplete. He sat. Still. Simply watching.

Goose Games

I take pictures of ducks and geese pretty much every time we are down at the river. Most of the time I am on the lookout for pictures that will work for my My 52 project, but what I usually end up with are lots of pictures of geese simply being geese. While thinning out my pictures in order to make the usable ones easier to find, I came across some that reminded me of popular children’s games. I thought I would share a few just for fun.

Duck…. Duck…. GOOSE!!

Ready or noooot, here I come!!

 Simon says…. Face right!!