Another Beautiful Fall Day

It was a beautiful fall day, one perfect for taking a drive. I thought we were heading to Lexington, Rob thought we were going to Churchill Downs, the GPS sent us to Louisville. Nobody complained.

The Kentucky Derby Museum was beyond amazing. It was impossible not to feel the excitement and thrill of the race. The grounds were immaculate, despite the fact that the facility is undergoing a 9-million dollar renovation.

There is currently a movie being filmed at the track (50 to 1, I believe it is called.) When we were there, they were working on the part taking place in the Winner’s Circle.

Churchill Downs honors every winner from the Derby’s long history. The banners from the 11 Triple Crown winners hang in the Great Hall. Each year, the horse in the museum is redecorated to match the silks of that year’s winner.

After an amazing experience at the museum, we headed into Louisville. We stopped in for a quick visit downtown, and then went to see the Ohio River as daylight began to fade.

We all had a really fun time, and we will have to go back. We weren’t able to make it to the zoo, and the Luisville Slugger museum is there as well. But today, it was simply another beautiful fall day, perfect for taking a drive through the heart of Kentucky.

Scene for Sunday

I am running out of time on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, so I am simply going to share a photo with you. Earlier this week, we were out on a drive and came across this scene. It reminded me instantly of my mom, who is a very talented quilter and painter. Combine the two, and what a beautiful pair they make.

Welcome Autumn!

Hello, my friends, and Happy Autumn!

I must confess that autumn and I have not always gotten along. I love the changing of the colors, the harvesting, the crisp air, but it is what follows autumn that I fear: the dreaded winter. And, in always being aware of what comes next, it has made autumn and I have a somewhat strained relationship. She tries her very best each and every year to make me see her beauty, to embrace her for what she is, but my blinders have always been on. I have failed to fully appreciate the transformation taking place right before my very eyes.

This year, however, I  have a feeling will be a little different. While some trees have begun to change, most have not even started yet. The air has a definite crispness to it in the evenings, and mornings are brisk, but the warm days still allow for you to soak up the sunshine. Summer lasts a little longer here in Kentucky, which can only mean that winter will last a little less. Perhaps there is a chance that I will not sink into my desperate longing for spring and warmer weather and sunshine, as I seem to do every year. The desperate longing that consumes my entire soul. The desperate longing that makes it hard to breathe.

The warmth and sunshine called to us today, beckoned us to join them. So, to celebrate this first day of a new season, we took a drive, and what a beautiful day it turned out to be. We played outside, had a picnic overlooking a lake, the kids gathered acorns for the squirrels and ran free as the wind. There was a carefree feeling in the air today as we soaked up all there was to see. I have only just begun to realize what I have been missing all these years.

Rather than fear what is to come, I am embracing what is. I am enjoying all that this beautiful life has to offer, without fear or anticipation of what tomorrow may bring. I am living in the moment, and that, my friends, is the best place to be.

As we were pulling out of the campground earlier today, Rob handed me an old fortune he found on the floor of the van. This could be an almost perfect day, it said. I think it was right.

Buzzards, Tobacco and the Colors of Fall

After playing at the park for a few hours this afternoon, we went for a little drive. The colors are beginning to change. Fall is most definitely on its way.

I love seeing all the differences between Kentucky and up North. One of the things we aren’t used to seeing is tobacco. There are fields and fields of tobacco. After it is cut, it is hung to dry in the barn. Almost every open barn we pass is full of tobacco. It smells very strong, but not at all like I would expect it to smell.

We stuck to the driveway of this old house, but we couldn’t help but pull over to take a few pictures. The house has definitely been there for a day or two. Whenever we stumble upon something like this, I find myself imagining what it must have been like back in its day. Fresh paint, sheer curtains blowing in the breeze, kids playing in the yard. A much different scene from today.

It didn’t appear as though anyone was home, except the old buzzard…

A Little Drive

How could we possible fuel Waldo up, give him a bath, and then not take him anywhere? Impossible. That’s exactly what we thought.

So, with a couple of hours left before I had to be to work, we headed up the road toward Fort Benton. We didn’t have time to go all the way, even though it is one of our favorite little towns around here, so we drove to a Missouri River scenic overlook, and then headed back to Great Falls. It was a lovely drive.

I wasn’t a very long drive, but it was just enough to stretch Waldo’s legs after sitting all winter. Luckily, Spring Break starts on Thursday, and we have plans to head to Billings on Friday. We’ve never been there, and they have a zoo, which the kids are excited about. Sounds like a great time to me. 🙂