Swimming in Donuts

Apparently up in Canada there are shops that sell donut holes by the pound.  Rob’s friend was telling him about the bins full of every different kind of donut hole you can imagine.  Chocolate, glazed, sprinkles, coconut, you name it. 

If I understand correctly, you get a bucket, hold it under the flavor of your choice, and open the spout to let the yummy goodness fill your bucket.  You can go with all one flavor or mix-and-match however you like.  They then weigh your bucket and you are on your merry little way.

Knowing how much I love donuts (especially the holes), Rob knew I would be excited to hear about just such a store.  He told his friend that if I were to happen into one of the shops, I wouldn’t bother to use a bucket.  Nope, I would just hold my mouth under the spout and let them pour in.  Of course they would have to weigh me on the way in, and then again on the way out. 

What I would really like to do is just open all the spouts at once and let the room fill with sugary goodness.  Mmmmm…  The next time I need to go to my ‘happy place,’ I will be up in Canada.  Swimming in donuts.