A Trip to Treasure

I had given up on the plan to run the Disney World Marathon a couple of months ago when we decided to take a volunteer position here in North Carolina. Driving all the way down to Florida for a run seemed a little excessive, so I decided that I would just try again another year.


My friend, Carolyn, said she was driving down there to visit her family anyway, so why didn’t we just go together? I turned her down at first, thinking it too inconvenient for her, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made.

Kitty at Carolyn's sister's house

Kitty at Carolyn’s sister’s house

And so last week she came to pick me up, and we went down together.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and all the stories she shared with me. Her family was so nice and it was really neat to meet them, especially after hearing so much about them all. She showed me all around her home town and the swamp, black water and cypress knees, which I had never seen before. She shared so many special places with me, and I was so grateful that she took me along.

Cypress knees

Cypress knees

And of course, we made it down to Disney World for the marathon. Carolyn was so good to me. She dropped me off at the start at 4am, which was not easy for either of us, and she was there waiting for me at the finish line. She drove three hours further south than she would have had she only been visiting her family, not to mention dealing with the traffic that the marathon weekend brought to Disney World. And she did it all for me.

Disney World Marathon

Disney World Marathon

We arrived home last night after a six day adventure. It doesn’t seem like it should be over already, but then vacations always go by too fast. I guess that is what makes us treasure them so…

Disney Dreams

The kids have been asking to go to Disney World ever since they could talk. This is not a trip we could take without a lot of prior planning and saving. And, since every penny counts, I picked up an electronic bank after Christmas so we would have a special place to watch all those pennies grow. We decorated it with stickers and put in all the change we could find at the time.


Since then, I have been pretty anal about making sure all the change I can find goes into the jar. (I think perhaps I am as anxious to go as the kids.) Unfortunately we need our quarters for laundry so very few of those make it in, and they are the ones that would make our savings grow faster, and we rarely use cash, making change even more scarce. Pennies and nickels and dimes don’t add up quite as fast, but we are getting there.

So far we have enough saved to buy a hot dog and a soda. We are eating an elephant here, and while, at this rate, it may take us 12 years to make it there, we will make it. We will be victorious. We will be Disney bound.