Disappearing Act

Our house is like a picnic blanket, our children the ants…

There was a time not too long ago when things stayed where we put them.  Even if we didn’t put something away when we were done with it, we would still be able to go back later and find it just where we had left it. 

It started slowly, the disappearing of things.  One day we would find the kitchen towel missing, the next day it would be a shoe.  It took us a little while to discover that it was our children, though just crawlers or early walkers at the time, who were toddling away with various items. 

When they were younger, it was easy to hide things from them.  Nowadays, they climb on counters, root around in drawers, dig in bags.  I’m beginning to think they are part blood hound the way they can sniff things out. 

They all have their favorites, though.  If you are missing the flashlight, calculator or MP3 player, your best bet is to find Nathan.  If the tape or scissors have disappeared, William would be the kid to ask.  Catheryn isn’t quite as sneaky, but she does like the hair clips.

Earlier today, the kids were sneaking downstairs with a box of zip-locks, tweezers and a flashlight.  I grabbed the zip-locks, and eventually the tweezers and flashlight made their way back up, but that isn’t always the case. 

Although, if you are to ask “where’s the flashlight?” Nathan silently disappears and returns a minute later with it in his hand, a cheesy grin on his face.  Lucky for us, the kids usually remember where they have stashed their finds, so even though the batteries are dead and the tape dispenser is completely empty, the stuff eventually finds its way back home. 

The ants go marching three by three…