Welcome Winter!

O, wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

When we arrived here in Kentucky, we were warned that it was going to be a bad winter. Apparently it had something to do with the large number of caterpillars. Coming from an area that always has cold and snowy winters, we were sure that we would be able to handle anything Kentucky decided to dish out.

We had no idea what we were in for.

Today is the official first day of winter. The shortest day of the year. It has not snowed yet and I can count on one hand how many times the temperature has dipped below freezing. I have yet to put on anything warmer than a sweatshirt, five-fingers are still my shoes of choice. I am forced to wear capris on a daily basis. My neglected snow boots are collecting dust in the basement while my winter coat hangs untouched in the back of the closet.

This is, by far, the worse winter we have ever had to endure.

And I love it.

And yes, I am aware that I just jinxed it.

Tomorrow will be the worst snow storm in Kentucky’s history…

Happy winter everyone! Longer days are on their way, and my heart is smiling.

PS – I love Kentucky!

Nature looks dead in winter because her life is gathered into her heart. She
withers the plant down to the root that she may grow it up again fairer and
stronger. She calls her family together within her inmost home to prepare them
for being scattered abroad upon the face of the earth. ~Hugh Macmillan,
“Rejuvenescence,” The Ministry of Nature, 1871