An Eventful Evening

It was a busy night here in the Harper House. Unfortunately, we had to split up, which we do not do very often.

Rob took the boys over to the Cub Scouts cross-over dinner. They were supposed to do a camp-out, but it was cancelled because of the rainy weather. William became a Wolf tonight, and Nathan joined the Scouts as a Tiger. Rob is going to stay on as a den leader, but he plans on staying with the Tigers so he can be there for Nathan’s first year, just as he was for William.

While the boys were feasting on chicken and baked beans, Catheryn and I were down at the Mansfield Theater for her spring recital, Suesicca. It was a fun, but very long, production. Catheryn did a ballet and a tap performance. Unfortunately, they do not allow you to take pictures inside the theater.

When the recital was over, the boys came and picked us up. We should have gone for ice cream, but 10pm is a little late. Perhaps we will have to do that tomorrow.

Catheryn in her tap costume before the show began.


Her ballet costume and flowers, just after the show.

An Afternoon With The Cub Scouts

The plan was to meet this afternoon at the Boy Scout District Office to learn first aid from the Fire Department.

But before we went to the first aid training, the Tiger Cubs met at the park for some hiking, games and bird watching. We weren’t having any luck finding birds, most likely because we were a little on the loud side, so the boys took up a game of tag, followed by Red Rover. The intention was to wear the kids out a little so that when it was time to listen to the first aid training, they might actually be able to hold still. For some reason, this strategy never seems to work. Must be all the excitement.

When we arrived at the training, we met up with all the other Cub Scouts. The Fire Department gave the boys lessons in splinting broken arms, treating burns and the proper way to wrap and care for large cuts.

After the first aid training, everyone gathered around the fire pit and learned how to properly retire a torn and frayed flag. Each person was handed a piece of the flag and we learned what each different color stands for as we put them in the fire. It was a very good lesson.

Everyone had a good time. We may not have been able to wear the kids out, but we’re pooped…

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Pinewood Derby #1

The Cub Scouts had a great time at their Pinewood Derby tonight. It was fun to see all the different car designs. William worked hard on his car with help from Rob, and it was definitely one of a kind.


There were 29 cars entered and William finished right about in the middle of the pack. He did great for his first Derby. It was a good test run to get the kids ready for the District Derby, which is coming up this Saturday.  

Adventures in Ice Skating

It’s always fun when the Cub Scouts have an activity that the whole family can participate in. Today we headed over to the Ice Plex for some ice skating. Rob was even brave enough to put skates on, even though he had never skated before and wasn’t so sure he wanted to. The kids all picked it up pretty quick, but they were going so fast that they spent a lot of time picking themselves up off the ice.

Me, well, I just followed Rob around taking pictures. At one point he threatened to squish me into the wall if I didn’t put the camera away. That’s gratitude for you. I simply try to capture all his “firsts” in the world of ice skating, and all he could do was threaten bodily harm. Humph.


I blew it anyway. He had one good fall, but he was so fast to pick himself up that I completely missed it. I think that was his intention, but still! Oh well, there’s always next time… right?

Fun In Scouting

William has been staying busy with his Cub Scout Pack lately. The Tiger Cubs had the opportunity to talk with a WWII Veteran at a retirement home here in town. Down in the basement of the same building, they were able to meet with a local radio personality. The boys even put together a radio ad that was played on the air. This past week, the Scouts had their Blue and Gold Banquet where most of the boys were awarded beads and pins. William and his Tiger Cub buddies completed enough activities to get their Tiger patches. They were all pretty excited about that and now they will be able to start earning yellow beads for their uniforms. The next activity they have planned is ice skating, and they will be doing that this Sunday. They also have their Pinewood Derby, which takes place on Monday. Rob is really getting involved as a Den Leader, and he is enjoying Scouting just as much as William is. Nathan is looking forward to being able to join in the fun next year.