Baking Day!!

I have not done much baking since moving into Waldo over a year ago. I love baking (despise cooking) but there is not a whole lot of kitchen space, so it makes doing anything with food somewhat challenging. Lately, though, I have really been wanting to make some tasty treats. So today, the kids and I did just that. We had a fun math lesson while we were at it, and then rewarded our taste buds with some oh-so-yummy melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies.

With a tiny oven, it took us quite a while to get them all baked, but it was more than worth it.

Rob likes to laugh at me because my cookies turn out different every time I make them, (something about not following the recipe…) but today, with the kids all gathered around, I figured I better teach them right and follow the recipe. Amazingly enough, the cookies turned out the way I think they are supposed to!

As I usually do when treats are involved, I ate way too many. Now I get to take my miserably full self to work. But first, I need to tackle the kitchen…

Do you want to know the coolest thing? I lit the oven! Me!! All by myself! I feel like such a big girl. Normally I wait for Rob to do it, playing with matches and propane is not high on my list of things to do, but I didn’t feel like waiting today, so I did it!!

Rob will be quite surprised to find homemade cookies on the counter when he arrives home. That is if there are any left…

And For Dessert… Hockey Pucks

Let's see... flat, a little oily, crunchy, slightly burnt, paper stuck to the bottom, but still tasty!

I have baked close to a billion batches of chocolate chip cookies. (Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration, but since it is impossible to know the exact number, I am just going to stick with it.)  I use the same recipe every time I bake them, but they have never turned out the same twice.  It has become a little joke for Rob, always wondering how my cookies will turn out this time.  I have concluded that it has something to do with the butter, but still have had no luck actually duplicating a batch.

This evening I decided to make things easy on myself and went with a chocolate muffin mix.  Adding eggs, oil and water seemed pretty fool-proof, but I was quickly proven wrong.  I learned that I cannot talk on the phone and make muffins at the same time.  Well, technically I can, they just won’t turn out the way they are supposed to.  I ended up adding way too much oil and not nearly enough water.  But since I had the required amount of liquid in the mix, I decided to throw them in the oven. 

Everything seemed fine as the timer went off.  They didn’t rise the way muffins are supposed to, but they still tasted pretty good.  There was excess oil in the bottom of the muffin trays and all the cupcake papers had turned brown.  I had a feeling that perhaps I should remove the papers, but decided to wait until they had cooled off.  Only problem was that once the muffins had cooled, the papers had stuck to them.  After removing all that would come off, I then scraped the bottoms with a knife in order to remove the rest.

The muffins are now little hockey pucks.  They still taste yummy, you just have to ignore the crunching that happens when you bite into one, and the slight burnt taste on the bottom.  But chocolate is chocolate and it will take a lot more than a burnt crunch to turn me away.  Not to mention that my family has learned that if they want to wait for the perfect treat to come out of the oven, they are going to be waiting for a very long time. 

So tonight I decided to officially remove “Professional Baker” from my list of “Things I Want To Be When I Grow Up.”  I’ve discovered that it is best for me to stick to my own kitchen where I can feast on my own… creations.  On second thought, maybe I won’t actually remove the profession, I will just replace it.  I think “Baker Taste-Tester” suits me much better.