My Little Audience

Last spring we purchased two apple trees to plant in pots in our back yard. The other day (another beautiful sunshiny day here in New Mexico) I decided to go out back to check on our trees. I can see them from our kitchen window and it looked to me like they were getting buds, so, excited for the upcoming bloom, I went out to see how they were doing. It appears as though winter has been kind to them. I am sure they will bloom at the first possible moment.

dsc_0075We have an elevated back yard, so you have to climb a ladder to get up to it. As I was climbing back down, I took one more glance at the trees, only to see two furry little felines watching me from our room. Apparently they were curious about how the trees were doing as well. 🙂


Partners in crime

Little Miss Anna

When we released Anna back into the wild last month, we had no idea if we would ever see her again. I had hoped that she would stick around and eventually warm to us. Maybe she would even come to forgive us for dragging her into the vet where she was poked and prodded and altered.

At first, there was no sign of her. Then, about two days after she was set free, we had our first sighting. She kept her distance but began coming daily for food. Then it got colder again and she started coming to the house. Our house, not the beautiful, cozy little house that Rob built for her. She sat outside our door and waited patiently for someone to come out to pet her. She even tried coming up the stairs a few times. Catheryn quickly became her little friend and Charbie learned really fast to respect her. She does, after all, have very sharp claws.

Then it got even colder and she made her way into the shop. She grabbed a bite to eat and disappeared. Nobody knows where she sleeps, she is like a little ghost. Her food disappears, she leaves little kitty droppings in her designated spot, and heads back to her little hidey hole. Even Catheryn and I cannot lure her out. Perhaps she is afraid she will be thrown back out into the cold. She seems to be liking ‘indoor’ life, and I cannot say that I blame her.

She is a sweet girl and has the loudest purr I have ever heard. She pads her little paws constantly when you are petting her and rubs on everything. I have never seen a more grateful kitty. She is officially part of the family and you never can tell, maybe someday she will find herself sound asleep on the couch, snuggled between Remington and Charbie, with Hamish sprawled on top of her. I can totally see that…

DSC_0128-1 2014-24-12 15-50-

Miss Anna