My 52: Week 43

I had so much fun taking pictures of the horses this week that I forgot to get any of the birds. Thank goodness for the fence outside our front door! This little guy stopped by for a visit earlier this week. He had a friend with him, but she didn’t stick around long. Apparently she didn’t like me sticking my camera out of the window…

My 52: Week 42

I am a little slow, but I think I am beginning to figure it out…

When we arrived in Kentucky, I was surprised that we weren’t seeing any birds. The buzzards are always flying, but other than that, there has not been much of anything. Until recently.

The little songbirds are making a comeback, there was a robin at the ball field, and just yesterday we saw our first geese since arriving here a month and a half ago.

So, where we are used to seeing birds in the summer and not in the winter, here it must be the opposite. They spend the winter here, but venture North in the heat of summer.

Regardless of whether or not my theory is correct, it is nice to see some birds again.

My 52: Week 36

When I began my My 52 project back at the beginning of the year, we lived in a place with a large variety of water fowl. We have only been here in Kentucky for a week now, but I have yet to find a goose or duck. That might make it hard to finish out the year with weekly photos of water birds. So, rather than not finish my project, I am making a small change: my birds no longer have to hang out on the water.

One type of bird we have seen in large numbers since arriving here are vultures. They always seem to be circling overhead. It is rather eerie at times. We went to the lake the other evening and there were many of them nesting in the trees. They weren’t too impressed with me and my camera, so they kept flying away. This week, I guess silhouettes will have to do.

My 52: Week 31

The birds love the fish hatchery. There are usually seagulls, geese, ducks and pelicans hanging around, snatching up any food that gets past the fish. Today was no different. The pelicans were being their usual anti-social selves, but the gulls were perfectly content to hang around for a picture. I have not seen many grey gulls around, but they are quite pretty. The white gulls, well, they are always reliable.