The twins have both enjoyed 6th grade Rocket Club. After two months of hard work building and painting their rockets, it was finally time to launch! We arrived at school early this morning for last minute instructions and pictures before the launch began.

There goes “Maverick!”

All of the kids were told that if they were able to catch their rocket before it hit the ground, they would be given $1. About half of the kids were able to do this. The best catch was worth $5, and it went to a girl who ended up sliding sideways down a hill, before snagging her rocket string on her finger at the last moment. It was all very entertaining to watch!

“Steve the Pop-tart Kitty” has launched!

Nathan was quite excited because the paint job on his rocket won him another rocket kit. He went with a patriotic color scheme and named his rocket “Maverick.” As an added bonus, he was able to catch it before it hit the ground, earning himself $1. Catheryn had been quite nervous that her rocket would not launch. Her worries were laid to rest as her rocket, “Steve the Pop-tart Kitty,” flew high into the sky. She was not able to get to it before it landed, but she was so happy that it actually flew, that she did not seem to care one bit. “I was sooo close,” she said to me later. Which she was… And thus marks the end of Rocket Club…

Happy Twinnies

And just because they make me laugh…

Nathan: Wait a minute, what do you mean launch is over?
Catheryn: My rocket launched!

Nathan: Are you sure it’s over?
Catheryn: Oh my goodness, my rocket launched!

Nathan: It just doesn’t seem possible…
Catheryn: I’m so happy my rocket actually launched!

Nathan” But… but… but…
Catheryn: My rocket launched!!!!

Nathan: Nooooooooo!!!!!
Catheryn: Did you see that? My rocket LAUNCHED!!!



First Tournament!

Nathan had his first wrestling tournament last Friday. The tournament was broken over two days with different age groups wrestling at different times. Fifth and sixth grade went on Friday night, so there were only three kids from Nathan’s wrestling club there.


We arrived in Santa Fe at 5:00pm, but the tournament got off to a late start due to basketball practice. Once they got the mats rolled out, though, they kept the matches rolling rather quickly.

dsc_0270Nathan had two matches. He lost the first and won the second. Liam was great at giving him tips and showing him moves that would be helpful. Nathan did really well and was super excited to place 3rd in his weight group.


His next age-group tournament is next Friday, and then they will have the team tournament and duals. The season is almost over, but Nathan has learned a lot and is looking forward to wrestling in middle school next year.


My Little Audience

Last spring we purchased two apple trees to plant in pots in our back yard. The other day (another beautiful sunshiny day here in New Mexico) I decided to go out back to check on our trees. I can see them from our kitchen window and it looked to me like they were getting buds, so, excited for the upcoming bloom, I went out to see how they were doing. It appears as though winter has been kind to them. I am sure they will bloom at the first possible moment.

dsc_0075We have an elevated back yard, so you have to climb a ladder to get up to it. As I was climbing back down, I took one more glance at the trees, only to see two furry little felines watching me from our room. Apparently they were curious about how the trees were doing as well. ๐Ÿ™‚


Partners in crime


My mom seems to like Pinterest about as much as I do. She regularly sends me cute projects, quotes, kid crafts, just about anything she thinks I will like. (Which happens to be just about everything…) She recently sent me a picture of some crochet snails, and after a little searching, I managed to find the pattern. (You can find itย hereย if you are interested.)

dsc_0088I just fell in love with these little guys and have now made four. They are super easy to make. Well, all except for the antennae, which are just a little too small for my big fingers. I still have a dozen more color combinations I would like to make, so who knows how many I will end up with when I am finished.

dsc_0073Thank you for sharing, Mom. Keep the super cute ideas and projects coming! Please. ๐Ÿ™‚