Our time in Damascus, Virginia was amazing. Having our own personal tour guide meant that we were able to see so much more than we would have otherwise. It seems that all too often a town’s true treasures remain unseen, only to be revealed by those who call the area home. The small village full of history that keeps to itself, far off the beaten path. The snowy view from the top of a mountain. The little store that carries everything from canned chicken to ax handles. Train stations that remind us of how things used to be.

Places we might not even have noticed, time we wouldn’t have spent, had we been there by ourselves.

The fact that we were able to spend time with a dear friend made our time there even better. After three days, I still wasn’t ready to leave. There was still more to see and I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to someone who has become so very special to me.

Perhaps I never would have been ready…


Hello, Virginia!

We successfully made our way out of Kentucky today. We had some rain, but overall the drive was uneventful, which is exactly how we like for them to be.

DSC_0102 Gap

As planned, we made a stop at the Cumberland Gap. We enjoyed the tunnel so much that we decided to drive through it not once, not twice, but three times. (Or we simply missed the turnoff for the visitor’s center and had to turn around and go back, but I will let you decide which you think it was…)

DSC_0097 Ga

We put a new stamp in our National Parks passport, officially completing the state of Kentucky, picked up a pin to start our third lanyard and a sticker for our refrigerator and watched a video on the Gap. Then, since we were already running a little behind our planned schedule for the day, it was time to hit the road.

Not too far down the road, we ran into this beautiful little sign welcoming us to Virginia. I squealed with delight, partly because we were entering a new state, and partly because we were that much closer to visiting with my dear friend. (More about her later. I have now been… challenged… so it may take me a while to complete that post. But stay tuned, because it will come… eventually.)

IMG_1842 VA

We arrived later than planned, but we still had time to get parked, go out to eat, walk through town and see a beautiful display of Christmas lights. Tomorrow promises to be a fun-filled day of exploring and visiting. For now, though, I better get some sleep. ūüôā

Until next time…

Hello Virginia!

I am going to make this quick since it is late and we are planning on getting an early start in the morning, but we made it to Virginia! We got a later-than-planned start so we didn’t make it quite as far as we had hoped, but 320 miles is a pretty big dent into the 600 miles we have to go. We crossed the Virginia state line to cheers from all, as seems to be our tradition whenever we enter a new state. It feels good to be on the road again, something about pulling out and heading somewhere new always makes me giddy.

The drive thus far has been beautiful. The trees are very¬†thick giving it¬†a remote feeling, even though I know¬†it has been¬†anything but. We can always tell when we are getting close to a larger city, though,¬†because traffic¬†suddenly becomes thick,¬†even if¬†we can’t really see the town itself.

On the schedule for tomorrow, after our early (HA!) start, is a snippet of West Virginia, then into Maryland where we will attempt to survive Baltimore (hopefully not during¬†rush hour¬†traffic, since that seems to be the time we always¬†arrive in big cities…), and then up into Pennsylvania. For now though, it is off to beddy-by. This rest area is not nearly as quiet as our peaceful Tennessee campground, but we’re in Virginia, so who can complain? ūüôā