Being down in the canyon, our house gets very little direct sunlight. But every afternoon, for a very short period of time, the sun shines in the living room window, landing perfectly on Charbie’s kennel. And for those very precious moments, that kennel becomes Charbie’s favorite spot…


Charbie’s ‘little patch of happy’

I’m Dreaming of a…

We woke up this morning to a few new inches of snow, and it has snowed lightly off and on all day. With no temperatures above freezing in the forecast, I think we are pretty much guaranteed a white Christmas.


The kids are officially out for their winter break now, so a part of the day was spent outside playing in the snow. Charbie loves the snow about as much as the kids do, so he had a great time romping around, too.


The kids even had me outside sledding with them. The hill behind the house is small, but it allows you to get up enough speed before crashing, which is always fun. Just for fun, I recorded a little video. If I were you, I would save my ears and turn down the volume before you watch it. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I hope this works, I have never loaded a video before!)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

Walking in Winter

It was absolutely beautiful out today! Amazing sunshine, calm winds, temps above freezing (finally!) Charbie and I decided it was a perfect day to go for a walk. We walked the half mile to Montana and then went up the trail to the Bodmer Overlook.

The trail was still snow covered, but except for the drifted areas, it was pretty easy going. Apparently nobody else has been out hiking lately either. There were no other prints on the trail except for deer, pheasant, and coyote.

From the house, Bodmer Overlook is only about five miles round trip, but it felt oh, so good to be out there today.ย The next few days are supposed to be warm as well, so Charbie and I are looking forward to more walks. I think tomorrow we will head down to the river.

Happy Day!

Well, there goes time, getting away from me once again. Is it seriously mid-December already? I obviously have not been paying attention. Again…

I am currently baking cookies for school parties, doing laundry, crocheting a monkey (or at least I was until I started typing) and rubbing the dog with my foot, so I have my hands (and feet) full at the moment. And I absolutely love it. There is no possible way to complete everything on my list today, but I sure am having a good time trying. If I can manage to save enough cookies to send to school tomorrow, I will consider the day a success! (Om nom nom…) I just wanted to stop in to wish everyone a Happy Day!!

I hope you all are ready, ’cause Santa Claus is coming to town! Better keep your eyes open. ๐Ÿ™‚

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