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September 2, 2018 – Welcome Sandy!!

Many of you may remember that Nathan loves turtles. When we were travelling, he had his turtle, Flash, along with us. Unfortunately, it was really hard to keep an aquatic turtle on the road, so we left her with some friends in Pennsylvania. Needless to say, Nathan has missed having his pet turtle, so since we now have a place of our own, he took the money he had saved up and bought himself a new turtle. She is just as cute as Flash, but has a completely different personality. Nathan named her Sandy and she lives in his room with a few fish friends. Gatsby is grateful for these new friends, and he spends much of his day watching Turtle TV and trying to play with the fish…

Sandy’s new home

Sandy Girl

Gatsby’s favorite spot in the house!

8 thoughts on “September 2, 2018 – Welcome Sandy!!

  1. Looks like a painted turtle. I’d love to know how he assesses her personality, having never spent a lot of time with painted turtles. I knew an ornate box turtle and a wood turtle at the Nature Center where I volunteered.

    • Flash was very personable. She would follow your finger along the glass, always swimming over when she would see you enter the room. Sandy is a little more shy/stand-offish. She usually dives for the back of the tank when anyone gets too close. She is still fun to watch, she is just not as interested in people as Flash was.

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