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Better Late than Never…

Happy New Year!

Our family did not exactly get off to the best start this year. For the last two weeks, we have all taken turns being sick. In a way it was good because it fell over winter break, so the kids were out of school anyway, and in another way it was bad, because that was by far the worse winter break we have ever had. School started back up on Tuesday and while the twins were able to go, Liam needed one more day at home. Rob was also able to go back to work yesterday after taking an addition week off to help care for my sickly self. So yesterday was the first day we are all standing on our own feet again, and I must say, I am so happy for that. We do not get sick very often, but when we do, it is a nice reminder of just how wonderful it feels to be healthy.

While I was laying in the dark last week with nothing but some relaxing piano music and my own thoughts to keep me company, I found myself thinking about many things that had happened over the last year. I would not exactly call 2017 our best year ever, but it definitely had its moments. I have a hard time being glad when a year is over, no matter how bad it may have been. I know that with it goes all the bad associated with it, but the good has to go as well. All the events of the year become memories, time never to be had again. For some reason, I have a hard time with that. Especially when I look at my family and realize just fast time is flying by.

The babes of yesterday are the young adults of today, and I fear that if I simply blink, it will be time to remove the word “young” from that statement. The years truly are short…

2018 is looking to be an eventful year for our family, though. The twins will join the teenage world in a couple short weeks, Liam will be able to get his learner’s permit once school lets out, Rob and I will both change decades this summer, and we will have a high schooler come fall. We have southern states to visit, runs to participate in, camping to do. Last summer we were limited on time since I worked the weekends, so this year we decided to change that. Time with the kids at home is fleeting, and time to do things together is by far more important than a few extra dollars in the bank. This year I hope to find us out in nature more, camping, fishing, hiking, taking new roads. Making new memories.

So here’s to 2018. May it bring health and happiness to all!

4 thoughts on “Better Late than Never…

  1. Happy 2018 to all of you!!! Hard to believe another year has come and gone! We love you all so much and will see you in April!

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