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Autograph Rock

Autograph Rock was an important camp site along the Santa Fe Trail because of year-round water. People began carving their names in the sandstone and many of them are still there today. Autograph Rock now sits on private property so you do need permission to see it, but that is easily done, and the rock is definitely worth the stop if you ever find yourself in the Oklahoma panhandle.

A wagon train owner, F.B.Delgado carved his name on several occasions.

Our W.C.Harper was really excited to find another W.C.Harper on the rock!

7 thoughts on “Autograph Rock

  1. To find that your name is already on there saved a lot of chipping…and shows what an important person a William is…

    Thank you for the great photos…I am thick but what is a panhandle?



    Sent: Friday, July 07, 2017 at 4:07 PM

    • It was pretty neat to find his exact initials and last name. 🙂 The panhandle is the piece of Oklahoma that sticks off the main part of the state. The end of the handle borders New Mexico.

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  3. This is great” it is similar to registrar rock in Pocatello ID. If you ever get there be sure to check out Craters of the Moon National Monument

  4. Love all your pics of Autograph Rock, especially Liam’s special name!!! I love seeing the same scenery that early settlers saw a couple hundred years ago. Such a neat feeling! And,yes, you would all love Craters of the Moon too. The drive and the trails through the lava flow is awesome! Love all your adventures and we love you!😘

    • It was really neat to find Liam’s name. It is a really neat place with lots of history! I cannot remember if we went to Craters of the Moon, but I remember going by it several times. Perhaps we stopped once years ago? I will have to ask Rob.

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