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Hello Summer Vacation!

Our kids have now all officially completed their elementary school careers. After a nice ceremony Friday, our twins are now middle schoolers. 7th grade, here they come. Another chapter on their childhoods has come to an end, and it went by so incredibly fast…

Friday also marked the completion of Liam’s first year of middle school. He enjoyed it so much, and coupled with all the sports he participated in, it was a great year for him. On to 8th grade for him already. Can high school really only be a year away?

I am so proud of all three of my kids. They were sweet little kids, and they are turning into great young adults. It is hard to watch the years race by so fast, but I look forward to seeing all the future holds for them.

For now, though… Hello SUMMER!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Hello Summer Vacation!

  1. They are all growing up so fast! I remember two very special little girls that did the same thing to me! We love you all so much and are anxiously awaiting your visit! We have missed you!!!😘

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