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At the Track

We went to a middle school track meet yesterday afternoon. I am not sure what all those boys ate for breakfast, but they were all so fast! I was so impressed watching them all run. Liam had a great day as well. He tied for 1st in the high jump at 5′, placed 3rd in the 400m open, and his 4x40m relay team took 1st! We are looking forward to the next meet this Saturday!

6 thoughts on “At the Track

  1. Tall skinny guy! Perfect for running fast and flipping over a pole backwards! Good job Liam on a job well done!!!😀 Love you😘

  2. The “Fosbury Flop”! I remember learning to do that in Jr. High, too. I thought it was a great way to crash onto a thick mat! Not too concerned with the bar, though….

    • They look like they are having so much fun flipping over that bar! He cleared 5′, but 5’2″ kept getting away from him. I have no doubts that he will clear it next year!

  3. He looks so grown up! Now I know not to wrestle with him or try and run with him. He is becoming quite the athlete, good job mom and dad!

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