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The twins have both enjoyed 6th grade Rocket Club. After two months of hard work building and painting their rockets, it was finally time to launch! We arrived at school early this morning for last minute instructions and pictures before the launch began.

There goes “Maverick!”

All of the kids were told that if they were able to catch their rocket before it hit the ground, they would be given $1. About half of the kids were able to do this. The best catch was worth $5, and it went to a girl who ended up sliding sideways down a hill, before snagging her rocket string on her finger at the last moment. It was all very entertaining to watch!

“Steve the Pop-tart Kitty” has launched!

Nathan was quite excited because the paint job on his rocket won him another rocket kit. He went with a patriotic color scheme and named his rocket “Maverick.” As an added bonus, he was able to catch it before it hit the ground, earning himself $1. Catheryn had been quite nervous that her rocket would not launch. Her worries were laid to rest as her rocket, “Steve the Pop-tart Kitty,” flew high into the sky. She was not able to get to it before it landed, but she was so happy that it actually flew, that she did not seem to care one bit. “I was sooo close,” she said to me later. Which she was… And thus marks the end of Rocket Club…

Happy Twinnies

And just because they make me laugh…

Nathan: Wait a minute, what do you mean launch is over?
Catheryn: My rocket launched!

Nathan: Are you sure it’s over?
Catheryn: Oh my goodness, my rocket launched!

Nathan: It just doesn’t seem possible…
Catheryn: I’m so happy my rocket actually launched!

Nathan” But… but… but…
Catheryn: My rocket launched!!!!

Nathan: Nooooooooo!!!!!
Catheryn: Did you see that? My rocket LAUNCHED!!!



5 thoughts on “3…2…1…LAUNCH!!

  1. What a mug! 🙂 The summer camp where I worked during college.(in California) had a rocket station so that kids could assemble and paint their rockets and launch them the last day of camp. Always a hit. One camper went on to actually become a rocket scientist, and we recently reconnected on FB when I shared a photo of him as a camper with his rocket.

  2. What a happy group of kiddos! I’m so glad the twins found a club that they both really enjoyed. And the fact that both rockets launched was extra cool!😀 Too bad it’s over🙁

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