I mentioned Liam’s wrestling season yesterday but I realized that I never did get around to posting about it.

As football season was coming to a close, we had a meeting with Liam’s teachers regarding his grades. We had thought they would be glad when football was over because hopefully then he would have more time to spend on his studies. It was actually quite the opposite. All of Liam’s teachers were able to recognize that he is a high-energy kid, and having an outlet for all of that energy is a good thing for him. Wrestling just happened to start the Monday after football ended. Perfect timing.

Liam had never wrestled before so he was not sure what to expect, but he absolutely loved it. He wrestled in the 110 pound weight class at the tournaments. At first he lost his matches, but as he gained experience, he started winning some. We traveled all over for his tournaments, and while they did make for very long days, they were great fun to watch.

The wrestling team was a great group of boys who worked together and always encouraged each other. Overall it was a good experience for Liam, and he looks forward to doing it again next year.