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After two wonderful weeks off, it was time for the kids to head back to school today. I know many parents look forward to the kids returning to school, but I rather enjoy my kids being home, so am never too anxious to get back into the school routine. It is nice not having to get up early, rush around getting ready in the morning, stress over homework, worry about staying up too late.

But alas, no break can last forever, so back into the routine we go. Nathan started his wrestling season with the YMCA tonight. He only has practice two nights a week, so it will not be quite as demanding as the middle school practice was for Liam. Catheryn told me after practice tonight that she would like to join Nathan when he goes back on Wednesday. As we were leaving, the coach told us a lot of sisters will end up joining after they see how much fun the brothers are having. I think she would enjoy being out there with Nathan. If nothing else, it will get her some really good exercise!

It is hard to believe that second semester has begun already. The twins are wrapping up their elementary career while Liam moves that much closer to the 8th grade. I find myself looking at my kids and being amazed at just how fast they are growing up, and I try not to count how few years we have left with them at home. Do not worry about that yet, I remind myself, enjoy what is in front of you this very minute… And yet in the back of mind a little voice whispers ‘Liam will be 14 this year. Oh time, please slow down, I beg you…’

We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary here in New Mexico. See what I mean? How time doth fly…

For now, though, homework is done, showers are taken, and it is time for bed. We have school in the morning…

4 thoughts on “Nine

  1. you’re on the downhill side of the school year, then the kids will be all yours for a couple of months. Enjoy every minute!

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