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Daily Happenings

Things are rolling right along here at home.

I am now done with my temporary job in the park. It was nice, but I am glad to be finished. I feel so lazy when I say this, but I Love staying home. I like being able to do the laundry and clean the house while everyone else is off at work or school. If I can get that stuff done during the week, then our weekends are free to do other, more enjoyable things, like hiking and fishing.


The kids are down to just three weeks of school! I cannot believe how fast the school year has gone. Liam is super excited about starting sports this fall and attending the junior high school, while the twins are anxious to be 6th graders. It will be somewhat strange not having them all in the same school next year, but I suppose that was bound to happen eventually.


New Mexico has a draw system for hunting licenses. Not only do you have to put in for what you would like to hunt, but you also have to specify where you want to hunt. This being the first year for applying, Rob was not sure if they would be successful. I guess the key is to not apply for the popular areas where there is more competition, but since we are not overly familiar with the state yet, we were not sure exactly where those popular areas were. Rob must have chosen good areas, because both he and Liam were drawn! This will be Liam’s first ever youth hunt! He is so excited! His time frame is in October and he will be hunting near Farmington for any deer with forked antlers. Rob got closer to home, and he will be hunting in November, also for a forked deer.

DSCN0547 - Copy

So in both celebration and preparation for the fall hunts, we joined the local Sportsmen’s Club. We went out last week for orientation and paid our fees. We are now members and can go to the shooting ranges anytime we would like. It is a nice place with different ranges for different weapon types, and I think everyone will be able to get in lots of good target practice.


Liam was finally able to get braces! He does not have a complete set of adult teeth on top, so he has a lot of large spaces. They put braces on top last month to straighten his existing teeth, then in a couple of months they will add them to the bottom, where the plan is to pull his top teeth forward to fill the gaps. He is on a two-year plan, so it will take a while to see results, but he is happy to be getting his teeth fixed.


It has been far too long since I have shared a picture of the critters, so I had better do that as well! With all the possible sleeping places in the house, both kitties still love the little cat bed that was in the front window in Waldo. It is on the couch now, and many disagreements have taken place over this bed. Remington has taken to simply laying on Hamish if he in the bed when Remi wants it. Meanwhile, Charbie is sprawled out on the rest of the couch, chewing his bone, completely oblivious to the property dispute taking place mere inches from his face…


Let’s see, what else? Today is our 3-month anniversary here, which seems crazy. In a way it feels like we just got here, and in another way, it feels like we have been here forever…


3 thoughts on “Daily Happenings

  1. I am so happy that you are so happy–this post was great. How come my cats never cozy up to one another like yours do?! And Charbie–not even paying any attention to them– so cute.

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