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The Scenic Route

On a beautiful Saturday, we took a drive to Albuquerque. It was National Park Week, so we figured a new park was in order. We opted to take the scenic route versus the freeway, and it was definitely worth it!DSC_0072

The spring greens were so vibrant and the red rock was just amazing.DSC_0054 - Copy

Near the little town of Jemez Springs is Soda Dam. Here, mineral deposits have built up, creating a natural dam blocking the Jemez River. An underground hot spring has been flowing here for centuries.

DSC_0051 - Copy

It was a fun place to stop and explore on our way to Albuquerque.


Albuquerque has Petroglyph National Monument right in its backyard. In the visitor’s center, we watched an award winning film on the forming of the escarpment and the history of the petroglyphs, then we were ready to hit the trail.


There are a few trails to choose from, but we decided on the Piedras Marcadas Canyon hike. It was beyond amazing.


After a fun day of exploring, we had some New Mexican food at Sadie’s, then headed for home. We opted for the scenic route again, even though it was beginning to get dark. All that red rock was even more spectacular in the setting sun.


I am not sure what next weekend holds, but I do know that wherever we go, whichever direction we head, we will find something truly amazing in our path…

6 thoughts on “The Scenic Route

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed going to the Wilderness 50 Conference in Albuquerque and discovering the Ojito Wilderness – and photographing the Jemez Mountains in their Fall splendor. Such beautiful country!!

  2. We are looking forward to exploring some of your beautiful home state when we come down to visit. You’ll have a lot to show us! 😀 Love you guys!!!

  3. What an amazing and adventurous family you are…and in this modern day you still do things together as a family..i am so proud of you ..every single one of you….pictures are fantastic and what great fun you had …love from me

    • We intend to drag our kids out exploring for as long as we possibly can. We don’t have much time left with them all at home, so I want to spend as much of it together as we can. I know it will only get harder as they get older, but I will take what I can get!

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